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Internet Marketing During Covid-19 Times - Infintech Designs May 08, 2020

How Helpful is Internet Marketing During This Covid-19 Times?

We are in a never before known or experienced times as the COVID-19 continues to cause great damage across the globe.

But what does this mean for business?

Do operations come to a standstill?

Well, no! The show must go on.

The Internet has proven to be profound in the face of uncertainty, with internet marketing coming to the rescue.

In fact, businesses need the power of the Internet more than ever if they are to stay afloat during these tough economic times.

And just like usual, it comes down to the client base and getting your name out there.

So having a solid and actionable marketing campaign is key.

What is Internet Marketing?

During these difficult times, harnessing the power of search engines can prove to be the salvation your business needs.

If your business is going to brace itself through the COVID 19 storm, getting a professional internet marketing company in New Orleans can be the cutting edge.

But before pulling the trigger on which marketing campaign to employ, it’s important to understand what Internet marketing is first.

Internet marketing, or as commonly known as online marketing, web marketing, e-marketing, or digital marketing, is an all-inclusive phrase used for describing marketing activities done online.

Because of this, internet marketing encloses a wide selection of tactics and strategies encapsulating content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

What Are the Types of Internet Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing

This is the process of getting sales and attention via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. In this case, social media marketing can either be split into paid or organic (free).

Organic Social Media Marketing

This marketing strategy concentrates on building community and deepening client relationships and an effort of inducing customer loyalty and interest.

You can opt to establish your brand as an authoritative figure in your niche.

The easiest way of doing is engaging people and contributing valuable insights to conversations and consistently proving your value to the community and clients.

Paid Social Media Marketing

There are a variety of ways you can promote your business using paid social media marketing, with every platform having its own paid promotional options.

Take Facebook, for instance, you can be paying to promote your existing organic posts or tailor-make a Facebook ad with your marketing objectives.

This is why you need a competent internet marketing New Orleans services to harness the full potential of social media marketing has to offer.

New Orleans Internet Marketing Strategy - Infintech Designs

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimizing digital content and websites to improve your digital presence and overall search engine rankings.

SEO comes in two forms: Off-page and On-page.

On-page SEO refers to optimizing content or your website to rank high in search engines for targeted phrases or keywords.

Some examples of on-page SEO tactics include things like increasing web speed, using structured data markup, optimizing Google snippets, including targeted keywords, having a mobile-optimized web design that’s fully responsive.

Off-page SEO, on the other end, involves generating backlinks to your content or website.

When many sites link to your webpage, Google’s algorithm will assume you have relevant and valuable content.

Generate quality content that people will be inclined to share.

3. E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing entails using email to send direct marketing messages to various persons with an effort to gain new clients and retaining existing ones.

Though it may appear like that much of a glamorous idea of marketing online, you really shouldn’t underestimate its power.

The majority of web users these days have a primary email address, which means there’s an untapped faucet of advertising opportunity.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the process of making, distributing, and promoting relevant and quality materials in a manner that’s strategically designed to engage, attract, and convert the target market to clients.

It’s important to note that content marketing is closely linked to social media marketing.

Why is this? Well, because in this contemporary age, social media platforms are the ideal place of promoting valuable content to your niche and community.

New Orleans businesses can employ the usage of blog posts, podcasts, infographics, Ebooks, videos, webinars, and Emails.

New Orleans Internet Marketing Ideas - Infintech Designs

5. Influencer Marketing

This is by far the easiest way of reaching out to Internet folk, especially Millennials who occupy the majority of wen traffic.

An influencer these days is whomever who as a relatively huge following online.

Influencer marketing refers to the process of being in liaison with influencers to promote the products and services you are providing.

Let’s face it: these days, people are more inclined to follow and do what influencers are doing like sheep to a slaughter. It’s the most straight forward e-marketing strategy out there.

6. Video Marketing

People these days don’t have the time to read anything lengthy. It’s better to see a short video that just flows by.

This impatience among modern folk have seen platforms like YouTube and TikTok and other similar sites grow vastly.

The video presence and short advertising span are enough for the viewer to decide whether s/he likes the product or not.

7. Paid Advertising

This is a type of Internet marketing where marketers showcase their ads on search engines and other platforms to get the name out there.

These days, paid search is referred to as ‘pay-per-click’ meaning that every ad clicked will be paid out.

In this contemporary age, the Internet is pretty much used for everything – shopping, learning, entertainment, communication; you just name it.

So it will be pretty strategic getting in front of the masses. So if you are a business owner in New Orleans, Louisiana, you should really reconsider getting a professional internet marketing company like Infintech Designs to act in your stead.

What’s more, most of these types of internet marketing complement one another and are usually used together.

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