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Digital Marketing and Web Design Tacoma - Infintech Designs Apr 29, 2020

Survive COVID-19 with These Simple Digital Marketing Tips

The COVID-19 lockdown has enabled companies to rethink their digital marketing strategies.

With almost the entire world in quarantine, the unprecedented changes in online activities of your target audience may serve as a boon for your company.

But you need to step up your digital marketing strategies and handpick the ones that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Getting Started – Consider This as Your Business’ Survival Guide

1. Social Media Marketing

With colleges and offices closed, millions of people will remain online on their social media profiles for hours throughout the day.

The show must go on: you need to hustle, earn your coins, and ensure your business is surviving during this trying time.

Albeit the fact that no one can order anything online right now, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to remind your audience about your presence.

And you may not need a marketing team to handle social media marketing posts.

Just be creative with your posts to ensure that you convey the right message to your viewers.

For example, you can tell your viewers through an animated photo about the importance of washing hands frequently, what type of activities they can do at home, or what your company plans to do after the lockdown ends.

It’s a subtle way of reminding your audience about your brand.

You can also connect with your viewers by going live on Facebook or Instagram.

A live Q&A session about how you are dealing with the lockdown will make your audience know about your side of the story too.

You can also ask your employees to upload their quarantine routine on your company’s social media page.

Since most people are on social media these days, post images or videos updating your customers of your business’ status.

Marketing tips during this COVID-19 - Infintech Designs


2. PPC Advertising

Now that the states are under lockdown, it is time to rethink your PPC advertising strategy.

This is the time when thousands of people would frequently use their computers and mobile phones, thus increasing the chances of clicking on links they would otherwise ignore in their busy work-life.

It gives you a window of opportunity to gain a competitive advantage through PPC advertising.

From using your website’s link on YouTube or paying a few extra bucks to post the link on Google, you can utilize the PPC strategy to the fullest.

According to Thrive’s senior manager, Jacob Wulff, the cost per click is most likely to reduce by almost 6% in the next few weeks.

This will eventually reduce the amount you usually pay publishers for every ad click. It means you will spend less but have more viewers, something that doesn’t usually happen.

3. Local SEO

With shopping malls and supermarkets closed, almost everyone will use “near me” searches to find essential products and services.

Consider this as the ideal time to focus on local SEO strategies to optimize your site.

You would want potential customers in your locality to easily find you online.

Optimizing your website with local SEO will enable them to come across your website in no time.

Although the online delivery of products is not available right now, it is challenging to stop essential services like plumbing and electrical emergencies.

If your company provides any of these essential services, you may need to go out and work but for a limited time.

And good reviews for your services on your company website will work magically for the future, too.

Request your customers to share their feedback on the company website or on the company’s social media page.

4. Social Media Polls

Social media polls are very effective to know what your audience wants.

Instead of guessing whether a post would work or not, get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth.

And when a company sets up a poll for its customers, the audience feels they are a part of the company’s planning program.

They will share their opinion on every poll you set up.

For example, you can ask your audience what type of post they want to see next: a video on what your company is doing to help healthcare workers during the COVID-19 lockdown or photos of how your company’s employees are maintaining social distancing while helping the poor and the needy.

Empathetic posts will affect the audience during these testing times.

Companies like Starbucks, KFC, and ALDI have already taken to their social media pages and expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly to fight this pandemic.

5. Special Offers

This is not the time to hike up your service charges.

Your customers will think that you are making the most of this opportunity.

While this approach may help you earn a few extra bucks now, it will not provide long-term customers.

They would consider your company as an opportunist that wants to literally rob customers because of the pandemic.

Instead, you can provide special offers so that customers don’t feel pressured to pay your services charges.

Try to come up with discounted prices for your services.

For example, you can put up a post on your website and on your company’s social media page about the discounted rates for plumbing or electrical services so that potential customers don’t hesitate to call you during this time.

You may not earn a significant amount now but your customers will remember you for your kindness later.

This will make them want to hire you whenever they need essential services.

6. Email Marketing

Thousands of customers would find more time to go through their emails now.

Use it to your advantage.

Remember, all emails need not be about your company’s products and services.

You can talk about how everyone should focus on social distancing, maintain hygiene at home, and movies they can watch during the lockdown.

The idea is to make your audience look forward to your emails.

Email marketing consists of messages that drive customers to buy products and services of your company. Now, you can take a different approach to influence customers into remembering your brand name.

Be Consistent

It will take a while, but securing your business through available resources is the best thing you will do. This will be fully effective if you’re consistent with it.

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