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New Orleans Local SEO Services – Boost Rankings, Drive Sales, and Build Brands

In the world of marketing, search engine optimization reigns supreme, bringing in higher and more consistent ROI than almost any other channel out there.

And while we live in a global economy, the world is becoming smaller, and Google wising up on the ways it can personalize and tailor localized search results to individuals proximal to the business or service they are searching for.

At Infintech Designs, we leverage the power of Google and the ways in which we can help our clients optimize for localized searches that drive phone calls, walk-ins, and sales for their local New Orleans businesses and we follow our own local SEO checklist.

A Reliable SEO Company – when results matter, Infintech Designs delivers

Other SEO agencies talk a big game, but when it comes to brass tacks, our digital marketing in New Orleans has the track record to back up its claims.

Our local SEO agency has been proudly working in and serving the local community for years. Our dedicated team and specialized departments allow us to implement a holistic SEO strategy in New Orleans that focuses on the numbers that matter most to you and your business.

Our Team of Local SEO Specialists works to:

  • Drive traffic, but not just any traffic; the kind that converts
  • Optimize your site for usability, and conversion rate optimization, squeezing every drop of ROI from each of your campaigns
  • Leverage short and long-term SEO tactics and strategies to drive early revenue while setting your brand up for long-term dominance
  • Improve brand visibility and trust within your target market and geographic location
  • Siphon market share away from competitors, capitalizing on their weaknesses and taking advantage of hidden opportunities

Why Infintech Designs for your Local SEO Campaign?

Our reliable maps SEO strategies in New Orleans are full-service focusing on building a strong foundation upon which we can build your digital empire.

Some of our tactics include:

  • On-page speed optimization: increasing conversion rates by up to 200%
  • Conversion rate optimization on-page, enticing visitors to take action
  • Code optimization to help search engines find and properly categorize your site
  • Earning you backlinks that are search engine safe and boost rankings fast
  • Establishing local citations and mentions across key authority channels
  • Boosting your press coverage and authority with high-quality press releases
  • Implementing a content strategy that provides “search engine food” for google, attracts the right visitors,
  • builds trust and positions your brand as the “go to” for your services/products.
  • Google Business Profile (GBP) setup and optimization
  • Local maps setup and optimization for your New Orleans-based business
  • Google reviews

When you need to take the market by the horns and make a real impact with your business, Infintech Designs is the digital marketing agency to call and we are also one of the top local SEO firms in Louisiana. From simple to complex, low competition to ruthlessly aggressive industries, our internet marketing services in New Orleans, LA have got you covered.

Client Testimonials – See what our raving fans have to say about us

Reviews - Satisfied Customer Icon - Infintech DesignsIt’s one thing for us to “toot” our own horn and tell you how great we are. It’s another thing completely to hear it from waves of customers thrilled with the services we have provided for their business and the results we’ve helped them achieve.

From increased growth and sales month after month to establishing a dominating presence and reputation in their market, the “success stories” are never-ending.

Here are a few excerpts from the hundreds of positive reviews we have online:

I’ve worked with several digital marketing companies before but nothing compares to the experience I’ve had with Infintech. They are very organized and they do keep their clients well-informed. And what’s most important is that their strategies are very effective and lasts for a really long time!”

– Nick Brown

“Solid SEO services that last! I’ve worked with other SEO companies in the past, and even though they were able to make my pages climb up the rankings, it will go down periodically. Never had this problem with Infinitech.”

Rick Westlund

Digital marketing has never been this awesome! Infintech definitely pulls all the stops in making a business relevant in search engine sites and social media platforms. Kudos!”

– Alicia Gettinger

About Infintech Designs

New Orleans Local SEO

Infintech Designs is a locally owned and operated SEO agency right here in New Orleans. With over 13 years of experience helping businesses and brands dominate their market, we have the experience and leadership necessary to help you reach and exceed your goals from providing an effective content marketing strategy to optimizing a website.

Our track record includes:

  • Over 400+ satisfied customers
  • 260+ Website Optimizations
  • Tens of thousands of keyword rankings on Google
  • Millions of backlinks built
  • 1000+ Press Releases published in major media

Our mission is to act as an external marketing partner for each of our clients, working hand in hand to ensure month over month growth and progression towards short and long-term goals.

We help clients take their business to new heights, establishing market dominance and positioning them for long-term success in their vertical.

If you’re ready to work with the best, forget the rest and give Infintech a call today. You won’t be disappointed.

Other Digital Marketing Services in New Orleans

With individualized departments manned by dedicated teams of passionate professionals that are experts in their fields, Infintech comes well-equipped to help you with virtually any aspect of your digital campaign.

Some of our Other Services Include:

Internet Marketing: From generating new leads and prospects, to increasing appointments set, phone calls, emails, growing sales and more, our holistic digital marketing approach generates ROI like no other!

Social Media Marketing: Identify and grow your target audience, engage in conversations that matter, and establish a following of loyal customers. Let our social media marketing experts in New Orleans help your business gain audiences on various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Content Marketing: We develop content and content marketing strategies that build trust, establish authority, engage your audience and drive actions such as sales and lead gen.

Mobile Marketing: With mobile outpacing desktop use, this medium is ripe with opportunities to engage with your audience.

Online Reputation Management: Reputation and perception mean everything, impacting your brand’s trust, conversion rates, and purchase behavior.

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