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Google Ranking - Infintech Designs May 10, 2022

10 Different Ways To Get Organic Page 1 Google Rankings

Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) rankings play a big role in the amount of organic traffic your website receives. In fact, research shows that the first search result on Google receives 31.7% of all clicks. On the other hand, those on the second page only get .78%.

If you’re having problems ranking on Google and driving traffic to your site, this article will look at several ways to get your content to appear on the first page of Google search results through optimization.

What Are Rich Search Results?

Before moving on to different strategies, let’s define the different types of rich search results. Rich results are meant to highlight the most relevant information to help search engines better comprehend a page’s intent. These results can be found at the top of the page, otherwise known as “position 0”, and might even be above the paid results.

As such, regardless of how high you rank in the traditional search results, you’ll be the first thing people see on the results page.

To make things even easier, they’re presented in easy-to-understand boxes, frequently with an accompanying image and rating.

With detailed rich results, users are more likely to click through to your site. These increased click-through rates will, in turn, will improve your site’s standing in search results.

Here are different examples of rich results:

Featured Snippets

All the content displayed in a Featured Snippet is pulled automatically from the Google search index. This can include definitions, steps, tables, and lists. According to various studies, featured snippets appear in the SERPs in anywhere from 11% to 19% of searches in 2020 and 2021.

Knowledge Panels

Knowledge panels can display data on a wide range of things, which are referred to as entities, such as people, businesses, countries, animals, plants, and the like. It shows up on the right-hand side of desktop search results and displays information about the entity you’re looking for. This is aimed at offering a brief overview of that topic.


The entity that is the focus of a knowledge panel can “claim” it and exert control over its contents. This way, knowledge panels can provide organizations and people with a platform to share their knowledge and expertise.

Google is also interested in hearing from users who have experience with its knowledge panels.

Google Business Profile

Businesses in their area may now take control of their internet profile by using Google Business Profile (GBP), previously called Google My Business (GMB). The information in your GBP is used to populate the Map Pack in organic SERPs.
If you want to ensure that the right business address and contact details appear in Google Maps and search results, you can use GBP to customize the information in those listings.

10 Ways To Rank on Page 1 of Google Search Results

Here are some areas you need to optimize to improve your organic Google rankings:

Plain Text Organic Search Results

When it comes to Google keyword rankings, it’s harder than ever before to get to the number one spot. If you’re looking for information on how to do something, search results with just blue links have become rare.

Additionally, search results on mobile devices are no longer limited to ten blue links because of endless scrolling features. Thus, users don’t have to navigate to the next page of results anymore.

Optimizing for plain text organic search results requires meeting a user’s information requirements while outperforming the competition on all fronts. This means improving your keywords, on-page and off-page SEO, and other fundamental factors.

Some examples to keep in mind:

  • Link building
  • External links from authority sites
  • Social media shares
  • Optimized word count in your content
  • Relevant content and anchor text links

Video Rich Results

We shouldn’t be surprised to see YouTube videos frequently shown in Google search results. Before 2021, videos were displayed as a thumbnail next to a blue text link in search results. At present, Google groups these as video results, which are sometimes shown above typical text links.

Here’s an example of video-rich results when you search for “cardio exercises for beginners”.


To get the most out of video-rich results, make sure your titles, tags, and descriptions are accurate and related to the content of your video. Additionally, using the proper VideoObject Structured Data can help.

Carousel Rich Results

As with any other latest search features in Google, carousels aren’t shown for every result. According to the guidelines provided by Google, four types of content can benefit from carousel-rich results.

This includes courses, movies, recipes, and restaurants. Aside from these, it seems to support other entertainment media, such as podcasts and authors.

To optimize carousel-rich results, ensure that each item on the list is of the same type. For example, if you’re creating a list of recipes, just include recipes. Next, ensure that the structured data has all the items specified on the page.


Featured Snippet

As a thought leader, you can use featured snippets to draw attention to your content. Aside from the page title and link, these search results include 50 words and an image thumbnail.


Improve your business’s featured snippets by providing answers to relevant inquiries about your products or services. If you want your content to show up in this type of search, use paragraphs and a straightforward Q&A style.

Furthermore, you can also research what people ask when they conduct a search.

Data Table Snippet

Tables are a useful tool for conveying data or illustrating ideas. Google began developing data table snippets for the news media in the beginning. However, this can also benefit brands as companies frequently serve as publishers and even take on breaking news.

Data table snippets can also be generated from HTML tables that don’t contain structured data.

Structured data, such as a dataset’s name, description, creator, and distribution format, makes it easier for Google to find your datasets. Google uses metadata standards such as to discover datasets on web pages.

Using this markup, datasets from various disciplines, including social sciences, machine learning, life sciences, and civic and government data can be more easily found.

Top Stories Carousel

When Google recognizes that a search is news-oriented, it displays a section called “Top stories” in the search results. Google presents news articles relevant to the query and of high quality. This includes the title, the source name, and an image.

An example of this is usually for events or incidents such as accidents, the death of a famous personality, or world issues.

Below is an example of the top story if you search for a car accident in Dallas, Texas.


With the right optimization, your content can be immediately accessed on Google Assistant, allowing users to discover your content via voice assistant.

For Google to display your news content in the top stories carousel, your webpage must use the necessary structured data to convey important information.

Also, make sure that the featured image is the correct size. Google recommends that images be at least 1200 pixels wide.

Business Knowledge Panel

Business knowledge panels can be extremely functional and interactive with optimizations and the right markup. Aside from finding your address, business hours, and contact details, searchers may also be able to reserve a table, place an order, or make an appointment through knowledge panels.


As new information is added, your knowledge panel expands, making it nearly impossible to miss on any device.

You can optimize your business knowledge panel by filling out your GBP with detailed and relevant information. By doing so, users will be better able to judge your business.

Always keep an eye on your GBP dashboard and communicate with customers who post reviews, raise questions, or otherwise make an effort to connect with you.

To avoid a negative user experience and a decrease in search engine trustworthiness in your website, ensure that all your information is updated.

Event Rich Result

Event-rich results on Google make it easier for users to find and participate in events through Google products like Maps and search. Because your event can be shown with your logo, event description, and more, this feature offers more engaging Google results.

Having a new way for people to connect with your event listing and click over to your website increases your chances of being discovered.

For your events to show up in Google search results, you need to include event structured data. Other ways to get your events listed on Google are:

  • Posting events on a third-party website: Make sure that your event publisher participates in Google’s event search experience. As long as your third-party event publisher is linked to Google, you can keep posting your events there.
  • Using a CMS without access to your HTML: See if a plugin for your content management system (CMS) can help you include structured data on your website. Another option is using the Data Highlighter to notify Google regarding your event without modifying your site’s HTML.

Review Snippet

A review snippet is a condensed version of a longer review or rating on a review website; it is typically the average of multiple reviews. Rich snippets with scores and other synopses from reviews may appear in search results if Google detects proper markup for reviews or ratings.


Currently, this rich search result type is available for books, local businesses, movies, music, products, and recipes. Follow Google’s structured data requirements to get the most out of your review snippets.

Logo In Rich Search Results

Your company’s logo has the potential to significantly improve the visibility of your website in search engine results if used correctly. Most of the time, customers use them as a way to recognize your business and its products.

A good logo should be able to evoke memories of your company’s work and, more significantly, its impact on customers.


To make the most of your logo, ensure it is prominently shown in your business panel and search results to strengthen your branding. Make sure that it has the proper size and format. At a minimum, choose a logo that’s 112 × 112 pixels in .png, .jpg, WebP, or SVG format.

Another thing that you should ensure is that the image URL can be crawled and indexed.

Best Practices for Optimizing Rich Search Results

As we’ve outlined above, there are many types of rich search results to the point that it may be a bit confusing to optimize them all. For your convenience, here’s a summary of existing best practices that will let your pages appear on the first page of search results:

  1. Adhere to the structured data standards laid out by Google.
  2. Resolve errors and avoid unethical conduct like marking up things that cannot be viewed by users to avoid being viewed as a spammer by Google.
  3. Leverage Google’s Rich Results Test to determine if your page is compatible with rich results and receive suggestions for improvements.
  4. Make use of Google’s Structured Data Codelab if you’re just starting and want to play around with various structured data.
  5. To ensure that your content is being properly optimized, use Google’s Rich Result Status Report after rollout and on an ongoing basis. This will allow you to view which rich results Google was able or unable to read from your site and information on how to troubleshoot any issues. After you’ve addressed the problems, you can ask for another crawl.

For the most part, getting to Page 1 and boosting your keyword rankings on Google is as simple as following these suggestions. There are many more, particularly if you look at results that are more unique to a particular industry.
To get the most out of a given content, you must first recognize the opportunity, the competitors, and the intent you intend to capture.


The Bottomline

Nowadays, being on the first page of search engine results doesn’t only mean ranking in terms of plain text. As a result of the wide variety of rich search results, there are now more options to attract more significant traffic.

We’ve discussed several types of rich search results in this article and ways to optimize them.

If you’re looking to boost your Google rankings, Infintech Designs can help! We have a team of SEO experts that can help drive traffic to your site, generate leads, increase conversions, and ultimately grow your business. Contact us to learn more about our SEO services.

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