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How Long Does It Take to Complete SEO Apr 04, 2022

How Long Does It Take to Complete SEO?

So, after you’ve spent money, time, and effort to build your website, how long will it take for it to bring results for your marketing goals? Better yet, when you are building a website for SEO, how long will that take, too?

Outcomes from SEO can require patience. It will not take just a few hours to see how it has impacted the key performance indicators of your website in relation to your marketing goals.

Depending on your needs, the different aspects of optimizing your website to have the best results in search can take up to a month to finish.

Moving forward, after taking all variables into play, when all SEO tasks are done, how long SEO will take to show results will largely depend on your competition, inbound links, and the content of your website.

Let’s study how each of these variables will affect the length of time that you will see outcomes from your SEO efforts. But, before that, we will begin with knowing where SEO starts.

Beginning SEO Strategies

Beginning SEO StrategiesSearch engines like Google use algorithms that they change ever so constantly, to determine which websites will rank. To get to the first page of search engine results pages, you will have to apply SEO strategies competitively.
For example, when writing a blog, you are competing with thousands of other blogs on the internet from different businesses in our industry to rank first.

This makes SEO tedious work. Since search engines update their algorithms, you should also be consistent in optimizing your website so it still stays on the first page. SEO strategies that can be applied on your website in the first four weeks include:

  • Keyword research
  • Directory structure planning
  • Onsite technical audit
  • On-SERP analysis
  • Inbound link analysis
  • Editorial brainstorm
  • Media list development
  • Strategy development
  • Tracking and goal setup

The SEO company will continue to track initial efforts and beginning on week 4 on to week 6, these are SEO strategies that will be done for your website:

  • Technical fixes
  • Ongoing organic traffic, ranking, and lead increases
  • Technical maintenance
  • Media coverage generation
  • Brand mentions
  • PR-led link building
  • Content creation

Expect to receive weekly updates through email about the results of initial SEO tasks. The SEO company may also arrange monthly calls with you for reporting purposes. Likewise, you should also be receiving quarterly SEO strategy reviews.

This is a typical schedule of SEO tasks that are being done on a newly built website. For existing websites, other tasks may just be optimized.

The timescale on which everything gets done is also dependent on other factors like the process for each task, the length of time that your SEO provider will do their job, the size of your website, the volume of links, and other major factors such as:

  • Domain authority
  • Competition
  • Content
  • State of site
  • Development support

These factors are similar to the factors that determine how long SEO will take to show results. The success of applied SEO strategies can be measured using content indexing, keyword tracking, counting impressions or clicks, organic traffic, and the number of leads or qualified leads.

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Variables That Determine How Long SEO Will Take to Show Results

Variables That Determine How Long SEO Will Take to Show ResultsIf your website is newly built, it will probably take longer to accomplish all SEO tasks and see the results. A website that has not been optimized for several years may also experience the same thing.

Google itself said that in most cases, “SEOs need four months to a year to help your business first implement improvements and then see potential benefit.”

An analysis of how much of newly published pages get to Google’s top 10 in search showed that only 5.7% of these pages get to the top 10 on Google’s search results within a year.

These are already proof of how indeterminate it could take SEO to show results because the competition is fierce in every industry since almost all businesses are using digital marketing in their marketing strategy of which SEO plays a big role.

Now, let’s take a look at how each of the variables mentioned earlier can help determine how long SEO will take effect:

  1. Competition

    All products and services that answer the needs of a significant number of customers will face competition in the digital marketing landscape. There may be varying degrees of competition depending on the demand for the product or service, but there will always be competition.

    When there are more competing web pages with yours, it is most likely that it will take longer to climb up the ladder to the top of search engine results. The higher you get on the ladder, the tougher the competition gets because those who are on the top lists have had experience in doing SEO with SEO experts behind them.

    So, if you want to be ahead of your competition, you have to put in more consistent effort in optimizing every bit of detail needed in a search.

  2. Inbound Links

    There are deeper factors that will determine how inbound links will affect the time your SEO efforts will take effect. You will have to consider the relevance of each link to have a greater impact on your results.

    Relevant and high-quality links are more difficult to replicate and last longer, but it can also take more time to earn these kinds of links for your website. Earning links at a relatively stable pace is better than shooting up quality links in a short span of time.

    Make sure that your link-building strategies adhere to the guidelines that Google has set to prevent issues in the future that could hurt your reputation, and therefore, your ranking.

  3. Content

    The quality of each content you publish on your site will have a direct impact on your ranking in search. There are also several factors that come into play when creating content to publish. Consider the length of your content, the quality and originality, and consistent publishing.

    All of these will determine how your website encourages the spiders of search engines to crawl on your site and the speed at how your SEO efforts will take effect. The more frequently your site is crawled by spiders from search engines, the better your chances for your SEO efforts to speed up.


ContentNo two websites are alike and the SEO efforts placed on each website will not always be the same. So, there is no definite answer to the question of how long it takes for SEO efforts to show results.

There are many variables and factors that affect the time scale. You can talk to a professional SEO expert about your SEO goals to help you get a clearer understanding of how long SEO can take from start to finish.


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