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When it comes to business in New Orleans, nothing is more important than your online reputation. Positive brand awareness, trust, reviews, and reputation work together to drive sales and conversions from prospective customers that have not yet had the pleasure of working with you.

And for those that have worked with you before, a positive brand experience reinforces their decision to choose you like their product or service provider, resulting in long-term relationships, enhanced lifetime value of the customer, and more.

Why is ORM Important for Businesses Across the Web?

Internet reputation management reviews play a key and critical role in influencing consumer purchase behavior.

A recent study showed that over 60% of consumers look at online reviews at least once per week, with a survey conducted by Podium revealing that over 92% of individuals report that online reviews impact their decisions to make a purchase from that vendor.

The way both B2C and B2B business takes place has evolved, with social proof, reviews, and reputation being a major driving force in purchases and sales.

This same study also found that 68% ( or 2/3) of consumers are willing to PAY UP TO 15% MORE for the exact same product or service if reviews reinforce that they will have a positive experience and outcome by doing so.

Recap of why Reputation Management is so Important:

  • 60% of shoppers look at online reviews on a weekly basis
  • 68% of consumers will pay up to 15% more on services with higher ratings/reviews
  • Over 92% of consumers reported that reviews and reputation impacted their buying decisions
  • 3.3 Stars is the average MINIMUM rating a customer would consider buying from

What does your Online Reviews & Reputation Look Like?

Online Reputation Management New Orleans - Infintech DesignsDo you know what your customers are saying about you and your brand? Are you aware of where your audience and market “hang out” and talk shop?

If you answered “no”, Infintech Designs can help.

Part of reputation management is monitoring the ENTIRE WEB so you can be altered if and when a prospect talks about your brand/company online, allowing you the opportunity to engage with them on their time, where they feel comfortable.

Furthermore, tracking the web for customers and prospects that have been disappointed by your competitors affords you a unique opportunity to interject and make it right, earning you a loyal fan base of customers that you were able to help in their time of desperate need.

Find out what your Customers are Saying About you:

  • Review monitoring
  • Comment and conversation monitoring
  • Sentiment analysis (was the comment positive/neutral/negative?)
  • Growth trends: is your sphere of influence growing or decreasing?
  • Are customers happy with your services?
  • Are there aspects of your service/product that customers feel could use improvement?

Infintech Designs can help you, monitor, track and answer all of the above and more.

We fix, repair, and manage your online reputation

Earning you more Reviews

Reviews are a good thing, especially when they are from the “right” customers…you know, the ones that are raving about how great your services are. Infintech Designs can help you streamline the solicitation and collection of reviews from your best customers, and also we can fix internet reputation.

  • More Reviews
  • Better Feedback
  • Data to help you improve

Review Management

Collecting reviews is just the start. At Infintech Designs, our reputation and social media management teams work together to boost ratings, improve overall customer satisfaction scoring, monitor reviews for interjection, and filter out the stuff that might not make you look so good.

  • Improve ratings
  • Post the reviews that matter the most
  • Filter out “bad” reviews, allowing your team time to remediate the situation

Boosting Reputation & Building Trust

Let us help you put your best foot forward with customers, making sure every impression from the first to the last is one they will remember for all the right reasons.

We’ll make sure that when users search for feedback on your brand that YOU CONTROL the narrative.

  • Engineered search engines result to show your customer what you want them to see
  • Claiming and owning your brand name and identity online
  • Promoting and making visible positive content on your brand
  • Protection and defense against negative reviews

Damage Control

ORM services in new orleans - Infintech DesignsNo one can forecast when the next press nightmare might happen at your company or with your brand. One irate customer can make your life a living hell. Likewise, one poorly constructed joke can go viral on social media, making your company or brand seem like the devil incarnate.

At Infintech Designs, we have a comprehensive defensive and holistic approach to preventing, mitigating, and resolving such issues (should they ever arise).

  • Reduce negative visibility
  • Remove or delete negative content posts/publicity when and where possible
  • Promote positive reviews and ratings to push down the negative
  • Improve your brand’s story and perception online

Take a look at what Our Raving Fans Have to Say About Us Online

Over the last 13 years, we’ve successfully and positively impacted the growth and bottom line for hundreds of businesses in New Orleans LA.

Below are just a few of the over 130+ positive reviews we have earned through dedication, passion, service, and results:

“I gave Brian & his team my full trust, and it has paid off big time. The rankings I see in our monthly reports about my Google My Business page have continued to steadily climb up from where they were {in the gutter!} to where they are now…”

– Julia Russell

“You can never go wrong with this company. They have been a huge help for my family’s air conditioner business and have been our first option when we run into optimization and ranking issues. Infintech is our life saver!”

– Gina Pearson

“Infintech is an expert in marketing strategies and that is a big yes in my book. I love how Brian and his team are well-versed in SEO and other forms of digital marketing strategy. I will definitely get their services again! Other businesses should do the same!”

– Hannah Bertholz

An ORM company that Delivers Results for New Orleans Companies and Brands

Our team is steadfastly dedicated to helping build brand credibility, trust, and awareness for our clients. Through ethical business practices and the implementation of a battle-tested online reputation management strategy, we get the job done right.

Your reputation and the impression you leave on customers are as important to us as it is to you. Like you, we also take our reputation seriously, and we haven’t lasted over 13 years in business by not delivering results month after month for our clients.

Why Choose Infintech Designs as your Marketing and Media Company?

  • 13+ Year Track Record Of Proven Results For Clients
  • Holistic Approach And Inter-Departmental Management To Boost Results
  • Passionate, Dedicated, And Experienced Staff
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Proud To Be Locally Owned And Operated Right Here In New Orleans
  • Transparent Pricing And Agreements
  • Consistent, Measurable, And Saleable ROI

Other NOLA Services Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs

When it comes to moving the needle in the right direction for your company’s key performance indicators, few agencies can keep pace with what Infintech Designs brings to the table.

Internet Marketing in New Orleans: A comprehensive and omnichannel approach leveraged to maximize ROI from all channels in your marketing mix.

Search Engine Optimization: With over 200 rankings signals in a constant state of flux, we help your business stay on the bleeding edge of optimization, helping you rank and drive targeted traffic day in and day out. We are one of the trusted SEO service companies in New Orleans LA when it comes to helping business owners sell their products or services in the online market.

Content Writing: Content is the lifeblood of your site, providing Google with information on what to rank your site for, engaging your visitors, building trust, fostering relationships, and persuading visitors to take actions such as clicking, filling out lead forms, and making purchases. Our team can expertly devise a content plan that supports all of your other marketing channels, boosting ROI across the board.

Social Media Management: The world is more social than ever before, and consumers are taking note. Social media platforms are the second most frequently visited place to find out if a brand is active, engaging, and supportive, and what others are saying about them (i.e. reviews). How does your social management strategy stack up?

Pay Per Click: Few marketing channels can help you jump-start growth faster than pay-per-click ad campaigns. Our team can quickly and effectively build a campaign centered around your unique offerings to drive fast growth while waiting for other channels to catch up.

Enhanced Credibility, Improved Trust, and Increased Sales

Let Infintech Designs help you control the narrative of your online presence, making sure your brand shows up for what matters most: the high-quality services/products and experience your customers can expect from your brand.

Contact us today to get started! Want to improve how your business is presented in the organic and local market? See our online business branding service.

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