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David – Director of Web Design & Development

services-web-development-services-on-lightDavid King is the brains behind Infintech Designs‘ award-winning Web Design and Development department. He’s a whiz with code, and his work has helped the company for many years. He manages all Web Design and Development operations, making sure that all websites created by Infintech are up to spec and look good. David is a witty guy with a great sense of humor.

As the director of web design and development, his job is to make sure that all of our websites are up to par and look great. Not only does he make sure that everything looks good, but he also comes up with witty remarks that always seem to make us laugh.

Regardless of the type of request, David is always willing to take on a new challenge and see it through until the end. He’s helped Infintech grow from a small startup to a leading web design agency, and his work is an integral part of our success. We appreciate all that he does for us!

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