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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

An SEO marketer, also known as a search engine marketing professional, uses various strategies to increase a website’s relevance to specific keywords and their corresponding queries on search engines.

These strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • Title tags (the clickable headline that appears above the organic search results)
  • Meta descriptions (the textual representation of a web page’s content that appears below the title tag in Google and other search engines)
  • Meta keywords (keywords to which each individual webpage is linked, which are hidden from viewers’ eyes but may be read by search engine spiders)
  • Coding to help search engine crawlers understand what is on the webpage
  • Filling out the “alt” tags that accompany images (search engines cannot “see” images, but they can read their accompanying text)
  • Creating and adding fresh, new content to pages so that when older posts are included in search engine results, there is something more recent to catch a viewer’s eye

For law firms with websites, SEO is an important consideration. Search engine optimization can be done in many different ways, some of which law firms may find more helpful than others. If law firms are wise, their law firm SEO will involve hiring an expert who will them create law firm SEO that really works.

Infintech Designs is the premier law firm SEO company that serves clients in the Greate New Orleans Area. We will assist you to structure out your law firm websites and help you rank higher on search engine results pages.

For law firms that are located in the Greater New Orleans Area, law firm SEO with Infintech Designs will be your best choice!

Search Engines and How They Work

Search engine result pages or the SERPs, are the pages you will see when you search for certain keywords. The first couple of results are known as the “organic” or “natural” results because they are not paid advertisements. These are generally websites that have been around for a while and have built up good ranking signals to search engine algorithms.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc., are designed to return the most relevant web pages for keywords that you type into their search box. Each engine has its own algorithm which uses lots of different factors to determine the relevance of your search query.

The weighting of these factors is constantly changing as the engineers at these companies improve their services.

In the end, Google likes websites that have good content and a solid user base. Their algorithm is designed to give users what they are looking for as quickly as possible. This is why owners of these websites want their pages to be on the first page of results so you will see them every time you search for a relevant term.

Search engines understand that you are more likely to click on the first three results than anything else. That is why it makes sense that websites that are on the top of search engine rankings are more likely to attract leads compared to those who are at the bottom of the google search result.

Organic Search Traffic

Organic-search traffic is the traffic that comes to your site after you have optimized it and designed it to get ranked on search engines. The more relevant and high-ranking positions you can achieve, the more organic traffic you will drive to your site.

Organic traffics tends to be more targeted traffic. They are people who are much more likely to be ready to make a purchase or take some other kind of action on your website.

How Lawyers Can Benefit From Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization - Infintech DesignsFor someone that’s offering legal services, google’s search results and SEO campaign are of the utmost importance.

Legal professionals are constantly in competition with one another when it comes to their online presence. It makes sense since they’re all looking to attract potential customers.

A good SEO campaign is something that every lawyer needs but it’s also one of the hardest things to do.

The main step is to create strong, high-quality content that gets shared around the web. You can use SEO techniques to gain more visitors to your website but it’s also much more than that.

Search Engine Results Page

At first, you might not rank very high on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). This is something that’s very common and, unfortunately, many lawyers believe it’s a permanent issue which is entirely untrue.

It takes some time to build up your ranking and improve the amount of trust you have with Google. But for someone that’s creating great, informative content and hiring a professional SEO company to take care of it, it’s more than possible.

Keyword Research

In order to provide your audience and the search engines with high-quality content, you need to know which keywords are best to target. This is the only way that Google knows what your site is about and where it should rank you.

It takes a lot of research and time to figure out what people are searching for when they’re looking for your type of service. Once you have a list of keywords though, you can start crafting content that matches the search engines’ expectations.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to track the performance of your website is very important and is a major ranking factor. You need to do it in order to get an accurate picture of what’s happening with your content.

How often are people viewing your website? Where do they come from? Which keywords are bringing the most traffic to your site? These are all important things to know for a big and small law firm.

There are many things needed to do and to consider before making it to the top on online search engines. There are tons of SEO tactics that need to be done in order to achieve a spot on the first page of search engine results.

With that being said, you will be needing help from SEO providers such as Infintech Designs.

Let Infintech Designs handle your legal marketing and SEO campaign as you focus on the most important thing: your clients and serving justice.

Infintech Designs SEO Services

In order to attract prospective clients, our SEO for lawyers and law firms offers a wide range of services that anyone from a small to a big firm can benefit from.

Our extensive experience in the SEO field allows us to provide a unique perspective that can transform any law firm into a client-attracting machine.Content Strategy - Infintech Designs

Our SEO for Lawyers Services

  • Local SEO – helps clients rank in local search results
  • Maps SEO – helps clients rank higher on Google Maps
  • On-Page SEO – helps your site rank higher in search engine results by improving your content and keywords
  • Link Building – our SEO packages can provide you with a steady stream of relevant links
  • Guest Post Outreach – we’ll promote your website on various other blogs and publications
  • Off-Page SEO – focuses on link building through social media, blogs, websites, and other online publications

Infintech Designs has more than 10 years of experience in the field of web development, design, and digital marketing. With the help of our creative team, we will work on your online presence, build an effective website for your law firm, promote it on search engines, give you high-quality content to attract new clients for your practice.

Increasing Law Firm’s Website Visibility

With the right law firm’s SEO strategy, SEO success is not impossible. It can be an effective way to increase your firm’s website visibility, driving high-intent traffic to the site.

As a result, your law firm’s website becomes more visible which can lead to:

  • Your website will be easier to find by people seeking legal advice in your service area
  • Successful law firm SEO important component of a comprehensive online marketing campaign
  • Enlarges your target audience by bringing in potential clients from nearby cities and towns
  • The higher your website gets ranked on the search engine results page, the more people will see it and click on it

Other Services of Infintech Designs You Can Take Advantage of

Results from mobile devices compared to desktop searches varies. Since more and more people are surfing the internet through their mobile devices, it is important to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile searches.

Infintech Designs offer web development and web design that will help you create a mobile-friendly website and web application. With a user-friendly and high-performance website, your law firm will enjoy more traffic from mobile devices.

According to a recent study, an overall organic search is made up of 59% mobile and 41% desktop sessions.

Infintech Designs also offers:

SEO for Lawyers the Right Way

Entrust your law firm website with us and take advantage of our law firm SEO services to attract and convert law firm leads and increase your law firm’s online presence. We are a leading SEO company for lawyers and your legal website will stand out among the rest!

Let our law firm SEO experts deal with and plan your law firm SEO. We will be able to take care of your law firm’s online marketing needs and other internet marketing tasks like link building, reputation management, and blog management. Our SEO efforts will help you achieve your goal of increasing leads for your law firm.

You can drop us an email at any time. We will give you a free consultation and analyze your current situation, allowing us to work on what needs to be improved. Call us or contact us today!

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