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In the world of business, first impressions matter, perhaps more so now than ever before.

While most of us would prefer to shake hands face to face with every prospect that comes our way, this simply isn’t possible.

So who, or rather what is representing your brand 24/7, 365 days a year? The answer is (or should be) your website.

And when it comes to finding a reliable web design firm, you can’t go wrong with the team at Infintech Designs in New Orleans.

Over 83% of all purchase decisions start with a Google search. And what do those prospective buyers find after clicking enter? Hopefully your website.

But in today’s competitive landscape, just having a website isn’t enough. The consumer and decision-makers of today have expectations far exceeding those in the past.

Our efficient website design services in New Orleans can develop and design a website that:

  • Is built for speed
  • Engages and draws your audience in
  • Clearly communicates your message and value proposition
  • Effectively positions your brand as an authority
  • Encourages and drives visitors to take action
  • Boosts sales, conversions, leads and phone calls
  • Responsive and optimized for both mobile and desktop users
  • And more…

Seeking a New Orleans Web Design Company?

Our website designers have a proven track record of delivering results

Your website is a critical and key component to the success of your business and brand.

Don’t leave such an essential element of your brand up to chance by hiring some random contractor.

Our New Orleans website design company is backed and driven by performance-oriented and a highly experienced team of professionals that know how to translate a design into results for your brand.

Not only that but we also offer custom eCommerce website design and logo design in New Orleans to accompany your website.

Why Consider Our Team of Website Designers?


We’re a local NOLA web design company, owned and operated in this beautiful and diverse city, and working with the community we love. We will create a responsive web design for small and big businesses.

Efficient and Performance-Based

When it comes to internet marketing and web design companies, Infintech Designs is a recommended firm with a strong track record of producing month-over-month growth and sales for their clients.

Reliable Services and an Experience Digital Marketing Team you can Count on:

  • Highly talented and creative team
  • Adept at driving performance across a wide range of verticals
  • Expertly crafted and positioned “calls to action”
  • Fully featured and immersive websites designed to impress
  • Security-minded approach
  • Built upon a Google-friendly and New Orleans LA SEO optimized framework
  • Clear and effective communication with your target audience

Types of Sites We Design

Website Design Companies - Infintech Designs

Custom Lead Generation Sites

Does your business thrive on fresh, highly qualified leads? Then our lead generation sites are just what you need to grow your business.

We build lead gen sites from the ground up with conversion rate optimization as a core foundational component, custom developed to drive lead capture, initiate live chats, phone calls, or email messages allowing your sales team to take it from there.

Landing Pages

Similar to lead gen sites, landing pages are highly optimized for performance. Like a Ferrari running on jet fuel, these landing pages speed towards a singular purpose.

For example, landing pages can be built to complement a specific ad campaign or product line.

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce is HOT. And there is no better time to get in on the action or give your current e-commerce site a boost with a revamp from web design in New Orleans.

Optimized for usability, performance, and speed, our E-commerce solutions can be built with or around any number of your favorite platforms such as:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • PrestaShop
  • WooCommerce
  • And more…

CMS Driven Sites

With our CMS powered options, you can have the best of both worlds: a website that is highly customizable while also being easy to update and modify to your heart’s desire.

A few of the many CMS platforms we can build upon and work with include:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • And more…

Custom Web Applications (Such As Membership Sites)

A regular website not going to cut it? No problem.

We can help you custom develop the web application or system of your dreams.

From membership sites to coaching and learning platforms, we’ve got you covered.

Our Website Design Company Process


During discovery, we take the time to learn about your business, what is important to you, what pain points your customers or market experience, how you uniquely address them, and how we can help position your brand as the “better” solution amongst a sea of competitors.

We take this information and apply it to the core of our strategy, making sure your website is a true and accurate extension of what your brand stands for and the message you need to deliver to your audience.

Strategy & Research

Like a good trooper, we aim before we fire, and we work hard to understand your competitors and what we can do to help you beat them.

Because make no mistake about it, the competitive landscape of business is a war zone.

And we want you to win not only the battle but the war.

Our competitive intelligence units uncover what your competition is doing right, what they’ve done wrong, and what strategies or opportunities we can help you leverage on your website to outmaneuver them and grab market share.

Execution & Approval

This stage of the process is where you sit back and relax.

Our team works quickly and efficiently to design, develop, and carry out the necessary quality assurance and analysis of every aspect of your new site to make sure it performs to and exceeds your expectations.

Design elements and layouts are approved by you, and any edits are made before we move to the launch stage.


During the launch phase, we make sure your site is set up properly, configured to run smooth and fast, and placed on managed and worry-free hosting.

Performance-Minded Approach

Every site we build is designed for performance.

From the ground up we establish a solid foundation from which we can help you evolve your search engine optimization strategy, engage visitors and encourage them to take action, as well as entice clicks, lead form submissions, and ultimately, sales.

Ready to Perform Features

  • Search engine friendly and SEO optimized
  • Responsive design optimally crafted to look great on both desktop and mobile devices
  • User-friendly and intuitive navigation and layouts
  • Prominent “calls to action”
  • Easy to engage: chat, phone call, support ticket, etc.
  • And more…

Meet Our Ecstatic Customers

All the above and more is true, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what just a few of our satisfied customers have to say about us.

With decades of combined experience in the field, we’ve worked diligently and steadfastly to build one of (if not the) best reputations for being the “go to” NOLA search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing company in the great state of Louisiana.

Customer Reviews

“I gave Brian & his team my full trust, and it has paid off big time. The rankings I see in our monthly reports about my Google My Business page have continued to steadily climb up from where they were {in the gutter!} to where they are now… We’ve been working together for nearly three months, and all of my keywords are already AT LEAST at the top of page 2, and some of them have crept their way up to the game-changing page 1.”

– Julia Russell

“A year in now, and I’m blown away with the results. The return on my ad spend, has blown up the phones with solid leads and clients. I appreciated the patience they extended and frankly, in the end, I feel like I lucked out finding the help I needed.”

– Gavin McCray

“After having worked with Infintech for 8+ months now (and ongoing) I’m at a point where I can feel confident in saying, they legitimately care about MY website as much as I DO.”

– Peter E. Crawford

“Brian & his team have literally been the lifesaver to my site, as I’ve been working with them for 4 months now on this “last ditch effort” campaign, and I’ve seen new growth in acquisition of target customers month over month 4 times in a row so far!”

– Efrain Bolger

About Infintech Designs

With over 13 years of experience in the trenches, we’ve built a reputation for being one of (if not the) best, most trusted, and highest-rated web development and responsive web design services companies in New Orleans and the greater area. We are also the top web design company in Lousiana.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and results has helped us earn hundreds of clients over the years that we are proud to call part of our Infintech Designs family.

From internet marketing to social media, web design, web development, and everything in-between, our specialized departments work together to help create holistic digital strategies aimed at positioning our clients as the leading provider of service and products in their niche and area.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can do the same for your brand.

See More of Our Services

Internet Marketing: We live in a digital age, and over 80% of all buying decisions, even those eventually made inside a physical store, begin with a Google search engine query.

Our team specializes in bringing digital marketing strategies together for New Orleans businesses, helping them leverage the power of the internet to grow at rates never before thought possible.

Social Media: The right social media strategy builds trust, increases visibility, and engages and grows relationships with your core demographic.

Easily one of the highest ROI channels, this medium is ripe for a fresh campaign.

Content: Content is the driving force behind SEO and helping your brand both rank and become an authority figure in your space.

Our content team can expertly devise a content rollout strategy that engages your prospects, encourages them to make the right buying decision, and builds trust and authority all while helping your site rank for valuable keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Google is the new Yellow Pages, with the majority of buying decisions starting with a Google search.

But did you know that less than 3% of internet users click past page #1…worse yet, over 68% of the clicks go to the first three positions? If you’re not ranking, you’re not banking…and we can help.

Responsive Web Designers in New Orleans Louisiana: Results You Can Count On

We are locally owned and operated, living in and proudly serving the local community with impeccable service and amazing website design options that aim to impress.

If you’re in the market for a new responsive web design or want an update of your existing site, give us a call today.

Effective and good website design begins with understanding your brand, customers, and goals.

Our team would love to have a strategy session on how we can help meet and exceed your goals!  So we can start designing a good website for your business!

Contact us today to know more about our web design services.

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