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Effective New Orleans Website Design

Websites can be categorized into: bad, good and effective. Bad websites are easy to distinguish as they contain eye-straining texts and background colors, and they are difficult to navigate. On the other hand, good websites may have essential, relevant or useful information but they may lack features that could draw more traffic to the site. A good website becomes an effective website when this website is not only visually appealing and technically sound but also offers solutions to problems. Most importantly, it can turn or convert visitors into customers.

Although different designers have various techniques and opinions about the best website design, there are a few points that all designers agree on. The following are the features of an effective website:

Immediate Visual Presentation

An effective website design must be friendly to the eyes. This means that the size of the font used is not too big or too small that can strain the eyes. This also means that the content are placed at the right place on the site. For instance, the company’s logo should appear at the top-left portion of the page because that’s where most visitors will look at first. The center of the page is also a “hot spot” so format your content there, too. If you want to draw attention to other specific areas in your page, you can highlight sentences by increasing the font size or making them bold.

User-Friendly Navigation

A website that offers user-friendly interface is easy to navigate although it is multi-paged. This means that visitors can easily jump from one page to the next.  To do so, a sitemap could help in this regard. You can also include links at the top of your page so that it would be easy for visitors to get to other pages.

So visitors don’t get lost, putting Subheadings on each of your site’s pages may also help. Such would let users know if they are on the right page before they even start reading.

Loads Faster

While putting great features such as videos or pictures on the site is one way to attract traffic, too much of these features is not good mainly because such features may require higher bandwidth. This means that if you are getting little bandwidth from your host or your visitors have slow computers, the features on your site are still useless. And chances are, your visitors will click the back button and leave your site.  When it comes to website design, nothing still beats simple websites that loads faster.


Having usable content is a very essential element of an effective website. The colors and logos won’t work if there is nothing that would direct or turn readers into customers. For a website to become effective, it should be designed with powerful texts in good size and color.  Your website text or content is your marketing script, thus it should be powerful enough to mobilize your visitors into customers.

These are just some of the features that can make or break your online business. If you want your site to have all these features, then it might help to hire a website design professional to do the job for you. The best website designers know how to make your website different from the rest.

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