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New Orleans Website Design

The Internet offers a lot of advertising opportunities for business owners. However, with so many websites floating online, making your website stand out can be quite challenging.  If you want your site to be a hub for advertisers and potential clients, here is a list of the things to keep in mind in designing your website. All these can make or break the success of your marketing campaign.

Visitors don’t want websites that are difficult to navigate. In fact, complicated websites often turn off visitors. Therefore, navigation buttons should be clear, and the pages should be properly linked so visitors don’t get lost while navigating through the pages. In addition, a good website should load fast, as making your visitors wait will only turn them off.

The design should convey what the brand, and should talk about what the people behind the website can offer.  This means the design should represent you. If you have a business website offering health care products, for instance, your website should represent your goal. Thus, it should contain designs appropriate for your niche and market, such as designs related to health and wellness. Putting irrelevant designs  will only mislead your visitors.

In addition to graphics and logos, make sure to use the right text size, font, and colors. You certainly do not want your website to look too intimidating because of too much colors and graphics.

A well-designed website should not selective on browsers, for a website compatible to only a specific browser only puts limits on your reach. If you want to reach all potential clients, then make sure that your website will load on any browser, whether it be Mozilla firefox or Internet Explorer.

No Menu is a No-No!
The menu tabs are very essential in a website. Without it, visitors will have to guess where he or she can find certain information and if that is the case, he or she would most likely leave your site and choose the next website in the search engine results, and that is certainly one thing you do not want that to happen.

Too much Plug-ins Like Flash Can Harm Your Website
Although plug-ins like Flash and Shockwave can make great additions to your website, relying heavily on them can cause more harm. This is because not all web surfers bother to install them. And if your users do not have Flash or Shockwave installed, then they will not be able to completely view your site. Only use these features if you really need it or you are targeting customers that want it.

A Design that Search Engines Love!
Of course, when it comes to Internet marketing, search engines are the God. Thus, they should always be taken into consideration. For a website to succeed online, it has to be search engine friendly. Meaning, its design should attract not only human visitors but search engine bots.

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