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PPC Advertising - Infintech Designs Sep 27, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do PPC Advertising on Your Own

If you have recently set up a Google AdWords account, you may be excited to start spending your complimentary account bonus right away. However, this is a mistake that could cost you a lot more in the long run if you don’t have a PPC advertising expert available to ensure that your campaign is properly set up in order to maximize your ROI.

Let’s face it. Google AdWords is expensive to use. As a result, you want to make sure that you do everything possible to maximize your advertising budget. Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t do PPC advertising on your own.

Placing Bids That Are Too Low

Spending as little as possible per click is a good strategy that will maximize your PPC budget, right? Wrong! When you bid low that that means few impressions for your ads and lower rankings in the SERPs. As a result, bidding low can dramatically reduce your click-through rates. When your ads get fewer clicks that means that you are spending more but getting worse results than advertisers who bid high enough to obtain the top advertising posts.

While it may shock you that advertisers are willing to pay $150 or more per click for in competitive industries, you should also know that bidding more allows these advertisers to dominate the top ad positions.

Setting Up Your Advertising Account Incorrectly

Ad groups are designed to target one task only. A common mistake that new PPC advertisers make is trying to put too many keywords phrases in a single ad group. If you are just getting started, it is a good idea to have an expert help you set up your campaigns so that you can ensure that they are properly organized according to the best practices for that advertising platform.

In addition, properly setting up your campaign also makes your results easier to analyze. It can be very difficult to determine whether or not your campaign is driving results that are typical or better than average for your industry if your campaign is not properly organized.

Not Keeping Up With Changes to the Advertising Platform

One of the most difficult things about PPC advertising is keeping up with all of the new features that are being added to platforms like Google AdWords. As a result, if PPC advertising is not your full-time job, then it is unlikely that you will have time to explore all of the new changes and use new strategies for your PPC campaigns as they become available.

As a result, your company could miss out on big opportunities to improve your PPC advertising ROI that other companies have the time and budget to take advantage of. In some cases, tweaking your campaign could bring immediate results.

In the end, you should make sure that your PPC advertising strategy is designed to keep your business ahead of the competition and it should also make money for your campaign. By hiring a professional to manage your PPC accounts, you can avoid these mistakes and get better results over the long-term.

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