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4 Elements of Good New Orleans Web Design

There are four elements that a good website designer considers when building a website: good text presentation, link validity, eye-friendly graphics, and easy navigation. Website designs that have these characteristics at their cores reel in tremendous amount of traffic, keep the attention of visitors, and have high potential for fast return on investments.

Text: Keep It Simple and Visible
Having a valuable and useful content is important in website building and for SEO purposes. However, keep in mind that no matter how useful and interesting your content is if it is not presented in clear and simple text, your content still won’t have any use. Chances are, readers will click away from your web page. Therefore, using readable presenting texts is essential in building a “functional” website.

In addition, the type of font you use creates the basis of how visitors will feel while browsing around your site. For instance, italicized fonts relay a message of informality and fun. Meanwhile, bold fonts command attention and extreme emotion. So talk to your website designer on what you want your site to represent so that he or she can provide you with a list of the best fonts to use.

Links: Keep Them Direct to the Point
For large websites with a lot pages, using of deep links are essential to direct readers to the page that contains content that he/she wants to see. These links, which are usually embedded in the homepage, are the links that readers can click if they want further information on a certain topic.

If an outside link is used, it should direct users to another site that has been used as a reference for an article published on your site.

Navigation: Tell Your Visitors Where to Go Next
An experienced website builder knows how to roadmap site visitors by using navigation buttons that are easy to read and use. These buttons are assigned in consistent places all throughout the website. In addition to the navigation buttons, sub headings are also excellent tools for easy navigation.

Graphics: Show and Tell
The problem with overly complicated graphics is that they make the website heavy and not everyone has the patience to wait for the site to load fully. So look for a designer who understands that a good web design does not have to be too artistic, and too convoluted; rather a good website design should be able to reinforce what the site’s content say and should represent the main goal of the website owner.

These elements form the foundation of your website, regardless of your chosen niche. Therefore, look for a website designer who has a proven track record when it comes to working with these four elements. Further, the designer you choose must also be willing to work closely with you, listen to your opinion and then teach you how to make your ideas better.

So if you are looking for a website builder who has a firm background on the above mentioned elements, check us out at or call Brian Hong at 504-717-4837.

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