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4 Secret Search Engine Optimization SEO Techniques

There are different ways for a website to gain more traffic. But, to be really effective, unique and innovative ways are needed in order to attain the goals for the website. Doing what competitors are doing is not enough in order to become number one. You need an edge to beat them out. A plan that is different in such a way that it is more effective compared to traditional or common techniques. If you want to know how to increase your website traffic , here are five of the most search engine optimization SEO techniques you can use.

1. Blog Commenting
It is true that a lot of other websites are also doing blog commenting for search engine optimization SEO purposes. But, the thing here is that they always have this template with a link to their site and simply post them in any blog they find. That’s not the way to do it. This will simply result in rejections or people reporting it as spam.

Proper blog commenting is the key in order to get the best results. To do that, there are three steps.

  1. Find blogs that have the same subject with the target website. For example, if the target site deals with motorcycle parts, make a list of motorcycle and even mechanical blogs.
  2. Choose an article and read it carefully along with the current comments if any.
  3. Engage with the on-going discussion in the comments section. Then you back-up your statements with a link to the target website.

This may take a bit more time and effort, but the results would be worth it. By doing this, you place your link where people would actually be interested in it. Blog moderators wouldn’t reject it and people would take it seriously.

2. Third Party Blog
Another search engine optimization SEO secret technique is to create a third party blog related to the target website. Build it up on its own without placing links to the target site. After a couple of months, it should have a steady stream of visitors and have a PageRank of at least 1. Once this happens, start placing links to the target site such as in the footer or within articles.

A third party blog can also be used to create reviews of the products/services of the target site.

3. Three Way Link Exchange
Almost any search engine optimization SEO specialist would look at link exchange as something that doesn’t work anymore. That’s true for direct link exchange. In a three way or multiple link exchange, you offer to place a link to another site and in return the webmaster places a link in a third site to your site.

4. Proper Keyword Targeting
The biggest secret that actually separates a proper SEO plan from a poor one is proper keyword targeting. So many websites out there take keyword research for granted and end up optimizing the wrong one. A good keyword should summarize the entire site in a two to three words, people should actually be looking for them, and it doesn’t look awkward. This is the basis of any search engine optimization SEO campaign and should not be taken lightly.

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