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Create a Better Marketing Plan - Infintech Designs Sep 17, 2016

5 Tips to Create a Better Marketing Plan

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing your online marketing strategy is so that the firm can help you to draft your marketing plan. A marketing plan serves as the basis for all of the online marketing activities that your company will engage in. Here are 5 tips to help you create a better marketing plan.

What Is an Online Marketing Plan?

An online marketing plan is essentially a written plan of how you will boost your company’s visibility online to the specific audiences that you wish to target. The brand position, messaging, and implementation of the marketing plan should be done only via the online channels that are most relevant to your target audiences.

While it may take some time to obtain a tangible ROI from your marketing efforts, keep in mind that the overall goal of the plan is primarily to ensure that your products and services are visible across all of the channels that you wish to target.

1. Define Your Objectives

It is all too easy to get distracted by all of the tasks that come along with executing your marketing plan. However, if you want your marketing efforts to drive better results for your company, you need to take things step by step.

Start by looking at where the brand is currently and where you would like it go. Some examples of objectives that you can set for your marketing plan, include:

  • Increasing market share
  • Growing custom loyalty
  • Increased sales
  • Raising awareness about your products or services
  • Lowering costs
  • Expanding your business

To achieve each of these goals, you will likely need to target different audiences. In addition, you also need to set a timeline for the completion of the goal so that you can hold you and your staff accountable for the process.

2. Start With Market Research

You should always make sure that your marketing plan is based on proven statistical data and market research. Basing your goals on industry research is a much better way to drive results than simply trying to guess what your audience wants from your brand.

3.Focus on Customers

Sometimes businesses get so tied down in the processes of a marketing plan that they forget about putting the needs of their customers first. As you develop your marketing plan, make sure that it incorporates opportunities to collect customer feedback. By understanding what customers want, you can create a marketing plan that is more likely to be well-received by your customers.

4. Delegate Tasks

An important part of getting results quickly is to make sure that you hold your team accountable for all of the tasks of a marketing plan. You should also delegate tasks only to the individuals or agency that is capable of driving the best results. Doing everything in-house or without the assistance of a team is simply a recipe for failure. In order to get the best results, you need the professional approach that only seasoned marketing experts can provide.

5. Be Consistent

It is important that you always keep up to date with your marketing plan. If you stay consistent, then it is more likely that customers will have a greater awareness of your brand. In addition, they are more likely to recommend your brand to friends and colleagues so that your company can benefit from referrals.

If you need help with developing a sound online marketing strategy for your business, Infintech Designs is here to assist you! Contact Brian Hong today at Infintech Designs for a free site review and comprehensive quote for online marketing services.

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