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Guest Post on blogs - Infintech Designs Jul 22, 2022

6 Ways on How to Secure a Guest Post on Your Blog

Guest posting can be an effective marketing strategy that will benefit both your company and the company contributing to the post. It’s a great give-and-take process where you gain exposure by offering something that has great value.

Although it can take effort and time to set up a guest post, there is a process that can help make the work easier.

The Benefits of Guest Posting

When you write for another company’s website or blog, there is a great chance that you boost your company’s credibility and domain authority, and increase traffic to your site.

Experience the benefits of getting high-quality white-hat inbound links to your site and build your brand authority in your industry with quality guest blogging.

You can reach your target audience easier and narrow down who is most likely to convert.

With guest blogging, you get to inspire and educate your target audience through other high-authority sites in your industry. The more your audience is inspired, the more you will be trusted and the better your site will perform in search.

How will you build a trustworthy relationship with your chosen company so that you can guest blog on their site and blogs?

Consider these steps:

1. Do research on the companies you want to write for.

Research Writing Company If you want your brand to reach more audiences, you need inventive marketing through guest posting. With strategic guest posting, you can reach thousands of potential customers.

But you will need to start with pinpointing the perfect companies that will suit your needs and help you achieve your goals for a guest post.

Spend serious time researching companies that you want to write for. You wouldn’t like to waste your time and effort on companies that are not relevant to the content that would capture your target audience to make them engage with your brand.

When you track down the best companies that would help you reach your target audience, make sure you get the information you need to help you decide whether they are the best fit for your guest blog.

Maximize your searches and get real-time statistics on how their blogs are performing, like ranking information and their number of engagements.

You will want to commit to guest blogging with a company that has blogs with a high readership. Also, focus on companies that have websites with a domain authority of 70 or below.

Up your guest post blogging strategy by hiring someone to compile a list of sites with great domain authority. Infintech Designs offers a guest post service as part of our link-building efforts.

2. Engage with companies you want to write for before pitching an idea.

If you want an audience that will engage with your brand, you should be able to engage with the companies you want to write blogs for. Don’t jump right into publishing your blogs on their site.

When you’ve done thorough research and got your feet wet with lower domain authority opportunities that are easier to secure, you can build a portfolio.

When you have gained confidence by engaging with companies with lower domain authority, you can approach the top-industry websites.

Build a relationship of trust with the company by sharing a relevant blog that a member of their team recently posted.

Read all the content you see on their site, so you will know the tone of their writing and be able to connect with it when you write your guest blog.

One of the best ways to engage with the company is by sharing their most recent posts on social media and making sure that you do these steps:

  • Speak to the author directly and tag them in the post.
  • List one helpful piece of information or quote from the article.
  • Include a link to the article.
  • Tag the company.

When you tag the author and the source of the article, they most likely will respond to you.

Build your relationship with the company by starting and keeping on a conversation that will make them feel you can create something of value for them and their audience.

3. Take the time to craft your pitch.

Before you click on the send button for your email, plan well how you can craft an email that will pitch them the idea that you would like to guest blog.

You can consider these important elements in your warm-up email:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Let them know which blog post you liked and link to it
  • Tell them how much you like their content and how their post helped you
  • Explain something specific in the article that you liked
  • Express gratitude
  • End with a proper salutation

Your email should let them feel how much you appreciate their post.

Then, you can research the website’s author guidelines for guest posting and use them to help you create a pitch that offers unique value.

4. Send a personalized email.

Email Personalized Make an attempt to contact the editor or business owner and convince them that you can create content that is engaging.

Craft a highly personalized email that will create a positive impression on the blog administrator of the company you want to write for.

Make sure that you include a piece of content different from the one you chose to include in your warm-up email. Explain the purpose of why you are writing to them and state it clearly and simply.

You can offer ideas that you can write that will supplement their existing content. You can list topics that are relevant and trending in your industry.

It is also best to add topics that add your expertise to your chosen company’s website.

Also, include a sample of your work so that they will know the quality of content you can write.

You can optimize the content of the sample by making it closely related to a topic that is relevant to your chosen company.

5. Always seek new opportunities.

Companies may not respond to your email pitches. Some may even reject your pitch.

This should not discourage you. Instead, you should take it as an opportunity that will help you hone your craft.

Keep on improving your portfolio and be consistent in your approach to pitching the quality of content you offer. The more pitches you send, the greater the probability that you will be able to secure a guest blogging spot.

You can always send a follow-up email after two weeks. But after that, if you don’t get a reply, you can leave them alone.

There are companies who will take the time to reply to your email pitch because they may not need the topic you suggested just yet. Getting your foot in the door is already a worthwhile pursuit.

6. Be Aware of Guest Post Guidelines

Click Me for a Free Consultation When you finally get a “Yes!” to your guest blogging pitch, the next thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with their guidelines.

There are companies that have very specific requirements for their guest bloggers.

They will have a list of what topics they want and don’t want. Others may have a word count they would like you to adhere to.

To avoid getting your guest post rejected, make sure that you go through their guidelines carefully and follow them to the letter.

By following these simple steps, you are well on your way to writing a guest post that will be read by many people.

Build Your Guest Posts

Getting guest post opportunities includes putting you and your brand out there.

And don’t be afraid to be too choosy: a high-quality guest post is sometimes hard to find, but when you do, it will boost your brand.

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