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The Advantage of Outsourcing Your Content

One in five of the blogs that are currently online is run by a business1. The importance of a blog to a company’s Internet presence has seen 39% of U.S. businesses using a blog for marketing2, with as many as 44% blogging two to three times a week1. Blogging has become an integral part of the larger picture of Internet marketing as a means of not only raising awareness of brands, but also as a way to establish businesses as being authorities in their niches. While many larger companies can afford to employ someone to write all of those blog posts, for smaller enterprises it may be difficult to find the time to write a few 500-word articles every week. Apart from the time consideration there are a number of reasons why it may be more efficient and cost effective to outsource the content for your company’s blog.

One of the things that separate the ordinary blogs from the great blogs is the quality of the information and the legibility of the written content. Many businesspeople may be very good at what they do but when it comes to writing about it they find that they are out of their element. For a lot of people the idea of having to write two or three blog articles every week takes them back to their school days and the boring grind of producing book reports and essays for English class. By using a ghostwriter to produce your blog posts it is possible to not only save the time that it takes to research and write a good post, but it also helps to avoid the stress of having to write it yourself.

Professional, freelance blog writing has seen a boom in recent years with the number of websites online increasing at exponential rates and the demand for original copy growing as a consequence. While there are a lot of hack writers, there are also a huge number of professional writers that are well informed about almost any niche that can produce timely, informative and well written articles on a regular basis. The high competition for work in the field has also meant that the cost of outsourcing web copy has stayed pretty low in spite of the boom in demand, and while the cheapest writers might not be the best ones to use, the cost of a competent ghostwriter isn’t prohibitive with 500 words of reasonable Internet copy costing $10 or less. For most businesspeople, even double that rate will still be more cost effective than paying an employee or finding the time to write it themselves.

Besides the likelihood that a professional will write more skillfully than someone who doesn’t write, and because writers also tend to read a lot, it is likely that they will be better informed than most people on the topics that you want them to write about for you. A freelance writer is almost certain to have written about similar topics for other clients, so they have probably also spent time researching the niche that most people don’t have the time to do as thoroughly.

Most Internet marketing companies keep a network of freelance writers to supply the copy that they need for their clients’ websites and marketing campaigns. can find the right writers to create blog posts to represent your business with well written, informative and entertaining articles that will build your website’s authority and traffic. Outsourcing the content that you use to keep your corporate blog fresh can be the most cost effective way to create a blog that your customers will want to read.

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