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AdWords New Auction Insights Report

Internet advertising is almost overwhelmed by statistics. There are all sorts of metrics supplied by which marketers can measure the effectiveness of their individual ad campaigns and many of them are excellent tools for fine-tuning your online CPC or CPM ads according to Infintech Designs – experts when it comes to PPC marketing in New Orleans. While the statistics that have been available have been very useful they haven’t really given marketers any indication of their place in the market in comparison to the businesses that they are competing with. To address this Google AdWords has recently made their Auction Insights report1 available to advertisers, adding real depth to their already statistic rich product.

AdWords has always supplied Impression Share (IS) statistics for its ads. Marketers bid for an impression on a site where their ads are eligible to be placed and this measures how many impressions their bid is buying for them compared to how many others are outbidding them for their spots. If your Impression Share is too small it is an indication that you may need to bid higher in order to buy enough impressions to give the campaign effective reach. The new statistics that AdWords has made available allows a greater depth of understanding about exactly who those competitors that may be outbidding you actually are.

Auction Insights reports gives users five new metrics that create an accurate image of how well their advertising is doing in their niche’s online marketplace.

Average Position
This is the same statistic that AdWords has already been providing in the Adwords interface. This shows the average rank that ads are achieving in their respective auctions and gives an indication of the businesses that are ahead and behind in them.

Impression Share
This statistic tells marketers how much their share is of the total potential places on auction. It is calculated by dividing the total number of impressions received by the estimated number that the ad was eligible for based upon the ad’s targeted settings. Auction Insights also lets users know what share their competitors have of the impressions that they are competing for.

Overlap Rate
This statistic tells users how many times they have had impressions at the same rate as other advertisers. This can be a good indicator of when to make small adjustments to your bids to edge ahead of your nearest competition.

Position Above Rate
This shows users how often another advertiser’s ad was shown above theirs when both ads received impressions on a site. Like the overlap rate, this statistic can be used to fine tune ad campaigns to get the best position in the ad rankings.

Top of Page Rate
The final metric that is given to users in the Auction Insights report tells advertisers how often their ads appeared above the organic results in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It will also show how many of their competitors had their ads displayed at the top of the SERPs which is a general indication of how competitive their campaigns are for the top spot.

AdWords has been quick to point out that all of the information that they use can be assembled using search and that no one’s private information is being used. The service is also restricted to one keyword at a time and limits the reportable statistics to the settings for the ad in question, but AdWords is sure to expand the service soon. As a tool for fine-tuning AdWords campaigns, the new Auction Insights report is sure to keep Google at the forefront of the internet marketing business. To find out more contact to take advantage of their knowledge of, and experience with the latest developments in AdWords to ensure that you get the best possible result from all of your online marketing.


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