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Baton Rouge Search Engine Optimization: Boosting Your Income in Baton Rouge

The use of the Internet in disseminating information about a product or service is the most cost-efficient form of wide scale advertising. In an effort of controlling spam and limiting the extent of black hat techniques, search engine algorithms implement refreshes or changes to their ranking guidelines. As such, the best SEO firms should be well aware of how often search engines refresh in order to adapt their search engine optimization techniques accordingly. Local firms are not spared from the need to know this bit of information. If you are in Baton Rouge or your potential clients are residents of  Baton Rouge, the best people to seek help from are of course those that know better the needs of your target market. The best Baton Rouge search engine optimization firm to hire should be aware of the following:

How often do search engines refresh? 

Search engine algorithms are based on several factors including PageRanks, links to a page and the number of parameters in a URL and so on. Computer programs decide which sites to check and how often they do so; therefore, there is no telling when they will check your site. But one thing is for sure, search engine spiders crawl the web regularly.

As such, it is important that you keep your site up to date all the time. But proper implementation of search engine optimization techniques for blogs, news and press releases as well as article sites should be done in accordance to the results of the most recent search engine updates.

Which sites were affected with the most recent Google update?

Google is the number on search engine for companies involved in web-based businesses and every good Baton Rouge search engine optimization firm should agree with this. Just recently, Google implemented a freshness update wherein brands and news sites benefited hugely.  If you would notice, these sites bank on fresh and relevant content and they symbolize where Google is heading with its algorithm updates – freshness of information.

So if you own a business and you would like to grab the highest possible rank in the Baton Rouge search engine optimization local results, you need to produce fresher and meatier content. Spinning articles in order to update your site regularly may no longer be as helpful in boosting your rankings as before. A search engine marketing technique that you can employ to keep pace with the most recent update would be to incorporate your products with the most recent news or you would have to use more press releases.

Further, this is the perfect time to push through with the preparations for annually occurring events. When you enter a keyword in Google search engine, you will be given the latest information first. Hence, if you can provide the freshest update even if it’s not your event, you will most likely attract a crowd and win more traffic from the same Baton Rouge search engine optimization strategies.

On the other hand, there was a mixture of sites that sank lower in terms of visibility following the freshness update. Most of these sites were government sites, loan websites, and buy and sell marketplaces and so on. Notice that these websites are not frequently updated because information is seldom touched.

Unfortunately, Google only provides a small allowance of time in between announcements and the actual implementation of updates. More so, if you would check online, there aren’t enough websites carrying the information thus resulting in poor information dissemination. Therefore, it would really help you and your business if you can find a Baton Rouge search engine optimization firm that knows first-hand when a search engine update is expected and what steps should be taken to ensure that you benefit from such update.

You don’t have to look any further than  Experts at understand deeply how search engine works. They also make it a point to be constantly updated with new techniques to ensure that your business gets nothing but the most effective and timely SEO strategies. Call Brian Hong now at 504-717-4837 or log on to

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