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Best Sites for Image Blogging - Infintech Designs Jun 25, 2013

Best Sites for Image Blogging

Image blogs aren’t a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, but they are becoming increasingly fashionable. Individuals and businesses are utilizing various high-resolution and eye-catching pictures to create image blogs and send a message. There are many different sites that are ideal for image blogging, although some are more popular than others. According to an infographic posted in 2012, of the 42 million blogs on the web, 43 percent are from WordPress, 35 percent are from Blogger, 16 percent are from Tumblr, Posterous and similar sites, and the remaining 6 percent is made up of lesser known blog sites, or the individual’s own website.

What is Image Blogging?
Image blogging, also called photo blogging, is a form of blogging using mainly images in place of words. Some image blogs do include words and posts, but for the most part, they are image-based. Photo bloggers use a variety of images to get their message across, including their own photography, other photographic images, stock images and illustrations, and even animated gif images. Most image blogs also follow a specific style or category, like travel pictures, baby images, or more dramatic photography. The first thing you need to do when choosing to start an image blog is to find free images you can use (unless you use your own) and then find an appropriate blogging platform.

Tips for Using Your Own Images
If you’re going to use your own images on a blog, there are some things you should first learn. First of all, don’t resize the images. This can cause them to look blurry. Many of the following image blogging sites resize the image files automatically, so they still have excellent resolution. Of course, edits need to be made before uploading them to the site, and JPEG, PNG and GIF are the recommended file formats.

The Best Image Blogging Sites
While there are many different blogging sites you can use, the following blogging platforms are ideal for blogs focusing mainly on images.

WordPress – WordPress is not only the most used blogging site, but also one of the best for image blogs. They are easy to create, easy to post and images are resized automatically for you. Like all the blogging sites on this list, WordPress is free to use unless you want a dot com web address.

Blogger – Blogger at is the second most used blogging site for image blogs. Blogger was the most popular blogging platform at one point, until users realized the many benefits of WordPress. While it is in second place, it still makes up a good percentage of image blogs.

Tumblr – Tumblr is known for short blogs, primarily with images. Tumblr is an ideal source for blogging images. The reason is because they make it easy to upload and share images only, with little to no text at all. You have a daily feed with recent images and blog posts from the Tumblr blogs you follow, making it easy to keep up with others while they keep up with you. Tumblr is a cross between Twitter and Facebook, where “liking,” “reblogging” and “following” is part of the blogging experience.

Posterous – The last blogging site that is excellent for image blogging is Posterous. This site is very similar to Tumblr, where it allows you to create micro-blogs with images. You of course can add text, audio and video as well, but images tend to be more common with this blogging community.

To start an image blog, choose the site of your choice and start posting. There is no trick to getting followers to your blog, aside from following others and being involved in the site’s community. The more involved and interactive you are with others, the more recognized you become.


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