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SEO With a Responsive Website - Infintech Designs Feb 21, 2015

Better SEO With a Responsive Website

As if you need any more reasons to upgrade to a responsive website, better SEO should be one of them. Responsive design simply refers to a website that is designed to provide an ideal user interface regardless of the device being used to access the content. While features can differ in the display of the website depending on the device, the fundamental code that controls the website remains the same. Here are a few of the major arguments for why responsive design is better for SEO.

Faster Loading Pages

A major benefit of a responsive design site is that pages load faster. Since the site uses code to change the display of the site depending on the device, loading time is no longer wasted on redirecting to a mobile version. In addition, load time can also be improved by restricting the content that appears on certain versions of the website. Websites that load quickly are highly prized by Google and you will receive a boost in your rankings for this alone.

Enhance Bot Crawling

It is already a known fact that the search engines use bots to crawl websites in order to determine rankings. With a responsive website, all of your site’s content will be located at a single URL. This means that the bot will be able to get a better understanding of your content quickly. You also eliminate the risk of being penalized for duplicate content because the bot only has to crawl a single URL.

Get More Leads

With a responsive website, you also have to ability to bring in more leads. When users visit a website they want content that is targeted to what they are searching for. A keyword focused SEO campaign can help your responsive site to rank highly in the search engines. Thanks to responsive design, your website will load quickly for your visitors and provide the exact information that they are looking for at the right time. In addition, your site’s content can also be perfectly optimized to draw in more leads and sharing by designing responsively designed landing pages to collect leads.


Tracking and analytics is a bit trickier with responsive design because of the dynamic elements. However, when it comes to your SEO campaign, tracking your results is significantly easier because all of the data will be located a single URL. Now you can look at the results of your SEO campaign based on the devices that the users used to access the website instead of having to worry about desktop users visiting the mobile website in error and vice versa. With responsive design, you know that your data is accurate which makes obtaining better results from your SEO efforts easier.

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