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Boosting Your SEO

The positive search engine optimization (SEO) campaign aims to improve your personal website, increase its standing in the SERPs and drive more traffic to the site. Traditional methods include quality content creation, high profile backlink building, meta tag description writing and improving the website’s visibility. However, these traditional techniques may not always be enough for a satisfactory result of your SEO campaign, so you could consider one of these additional techniques to boost your performance.

Although it might seem to be counterintuitive, AdWords is a fantastic addition to your SEO campaign1. The real results of SEO usually appear after at least a month, so SEO is not flexible when it comes to correcting mistakes, usually concerning keyword choice. That is where AdWords comes into play; the Google paid ad system can help you select the right keywords for your business. You can try different combinations to see what the preferred keywords are and what kind of traffic they get. Additionally, you can check the amount of competition, and whether the relationship between effort and reward, are right for you.

Additionally, different keywords have different conversion rates and different click through rates. AdWords enables the user to monitor these parameters before carrying out a much more expensive SEO campaign. For example, certain keywords can bring huge chunks of traffic, but little revenue for no apparent reason, and these are extremely hard to predict even by experts.

Incorporating social media into SEO is a well-known strategy, but few SEO experts have included Google+2. However, companies using it will have a newcomer advantage. The social network has addressed many key issues of social networking (such as content visibility) and is perfect for the business environment due to its close integration with Google’s SERPs. SERPs have started taking into account pages connected to Google+ accounts and their social standing. Furthermore, content can now have authorship assigned to accounts to prevent articles from being stolen, and to attract more organic traffic. Furthermore, posting content filled with specific content can improve your company’s visibility. Google+ presents information in a coherent data flow so you can monitor what your customers, competitors, and suppliers are doing, and be up to date with relevant news.

An inexpensive addition to a current SEO campaign is a YouTube video channel3, which will feature your company’s products but present them in an informative and interesting way. Consider what useful information you could provide in conjunction with your core activities. For example, a carpenter can make a DIY video on how to perform a basic home repair, which will present him as a specialist and authority in the field of woodworking. Alternatively, a clothes shop could give advice on latest fashion trends and what types of clothes go together. When creating the video, be mindful of the targeted audience and their knowledge, and do not include too many effects as these rarely add value to the video. Do not forget to optimize the video for search engines by providing all the relevant tags and descriptions and choosing an appealing picture.

Website ranking is deeply influenced by the amount and type of backlinks to your website, especially after the Penguin update. Therefore, an SEO campaign can be supplemented by creating backlinks; either organically via fantastic, viral content or by hunting for certain types of errors on otherwise trustworthy websites. You can analyze the message of the type of error you are seeking and locate a number of hits using Google itself. Having pointed out this mishap to a concerned webmaster, you might receive the coveted backlink, and sometimes the prize is worth all the effort.


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