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Boring Niches Create Amazing Content

Content is the lifeblood of a website as it keeps all the visitors, search engines, and clients coming back to your website. Yet, there are numerous niches that are too specific for the general reader and attract only a small number of visitors. These niches are infamous for being hard to write about, but not surprisingly, even the most boring niches can be an inspiration for amazing content. Boring niche does not have to equal boring content.

Boring niches are usually connected to necessary aspects of life, such as tires, home cleaning, garbage disposal, etc., which hold many secrets for the unsuspecting reader. There are a couple of strategies to turn boring niches into fantastic content. The first strategy includes massive amounts of data that could be presented in an easily understandable fashion, and turned into relatable facts1. For example, if your hobby is electric utensils, citing the energy consumption in kilowatt-hours will be met with less enthusiasm than saying it consumes as little electricity as a gadget with half the power. These niches are boring partly because they are hard to comprehend, so using everyday examples will help to close this gap. Furthermore, the general reader can consider these things to be fun and interesting facts to share.

The second strategy involves looking out for absurdities and oddities in your niche and exposing them to a wider audience. These are usually things with which everybody in the niche has gotten used to but are strange to an outsider. For example, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was such an elephant in the room as everybody was afraid to comment on it initially. The people that had the courage to speak out first were the ones who benefited from all the coverage and media publicity. Furthermore, a lot of these niche issues can affect the community as a whole, so everybody would be interested in a comprehensive guide to the problem.

The third strategy involves organizing the content on the various applications of your products and services2. As a product manufacturer or service provider, you must be aware of the possible uses and interesting applications of your merchandise. For instance, for tire manufacturers, these would include off-road racing, high-speed cars, most efficient tires throughout the year, while for scissors manufacturers, arts and crafts are the most interesting application. Having determined your “golden area,” it is easy to research the latest trends and topics, and create engaging content to attract clients. A good example is the arts and crafts website of scissors company Fiskars3.

Another approach is to make your content interactive and educational so that it covers multiple topics even vaguely related to your niche. This will be valuable to your clients because it will be impartial, but still professionally done. Additionally, interactive content is easier to memorize and can be seen as great fun for new entrants to the niche. Excel tables and models will enable people to alter parameters and observe changes in the environment.

It is worthwhile to prepare special equipment, such as slow motion cameras and powerful microscopes, to showcase the niche from a different light. These experiments can be awe-inspiring as the cutting of metal4 and the blending of everything5. You can even explain how certain features of your business affect the process, and how you have optimized you processes for the best performance.

In the end, writers of a boring niche must not be afraid to face the complicated material, baffling numbers and boring aspects, as that is what it’s all about. Latest news, developments and breakthroughs as well as new, worldwide applications of the technology will be of interest to both amateurs and professionals.



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