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Every good website needs a good domain name. A catchy domain name is imperative to compete successfully in the online environment. A good domain name need not necessarily be one with all your thought put into it. What could be the secret to finding a good domain name? Without the kind of keywords search engines will want to index your site, it is not going to figure in the search engine listings. You have to keep your domain name attractive and also engineer it for the search engines. So keep on reading-the guidelines are included in this article.

Begin by finding a search engine optimized keyword that you can keep in the domain name. To find this, you can use a keyword analyzer. You will able to find such tools by searching on popular Internet engines. Think of a sample keyword that tells about what your site is and enter it into the tool. The analyzer tool will display several options for this sample keyword. From these options, select those that describe your website better. You must choose the keywords that are more specific to your site, because that way you have more chances of rising over the competition. After this, you can begin looking for the domain name you will keep.

Your domain name service will probably show you whether your chosen domain name is obtainable. In case the domain name you put in is not available for use, you will be given some other alternatives. Put in your keyword first – this way you can better use this tool. You will get other recommendations if this particular keyword is not available to use as the domain name. If a particular suggestion has your keyword in it and terminates with a .com, it will be good for you. You will have to use your creative mind to think of options if this is not present. Craft a domain name that contains your keyword in some way by using some filler words or numbers.

Three interesting fillers you can use are ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’. You get a good domain name, and you also get it indexed because the search engines will simply ignore such buffer words. Also consider using numbers such as 77 at the end of the phrase. Below we describe what you must do if you get all else but not the .com suffix.

With a very popular keyword, it does not matter if your extension is .com or something else. You may think of extensions such as .org, .biz and .net. Another trick is to use a state or country extension in the domain name. Consider this if you do not lay more stock with the difference between worldwide or local marketing. For example, it is better to be number 1 in the Austrian Google than number 400 or something in American Google! It is not quite difficult to choose a domain name that will be good for both your users as well as the search engines.

The keyword tool will influence 90% of the success of your domain name; the rest will depend on how innovative and creative you are. The last refuge in case nothing helps you get the kind of domain name you want is the extension.

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