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Company Logo Design: Top Ten Facts about Logos

A logo is a symbol or an insignia that represents an organization, an institution, a business corporation, or even individuals. The logo helps the entity it represents become known and become familiar to the people. With business corporations, the logo is part of their branding or the marketing strategy that promotes and characterizes the product or the services of the company. A good company logo design has great recall; whenever people see the logo, they immediately remember or think of the company that it represents.

A logo could be a combination of the name of the entity and a graphic or it could just be an icon. Conceptualizing and creating a good company logo design is a significant part of marketing and of graphic design. Logos may look simple but producing a logo which will be a symbol of the company and which will appeal to the people is actually very difficult.

Here are some facts about logos.

  1. A logo design should be simple. A company logo design need not be elaborate to be effective. A highly decorative logo could be very distracting and might even be confusing for people who see it. Even with logos, the timeless adage “simplicity is beauty” still holds true.
  1. A logo should be attractive. To be effective, a good logo has to appeal to, to amuse, and to hold the attention of the people. A logo which does not catch the attention of the people is not doing what it is supposed to do.
  1. A logo should be stylish and timeless. Many popular and effective logos feature classic designs that have withstood the test of time. While some of these logos have been modified, the changes have been very minimal.
  1. A company logo should be the embodiment of the company it represents. A good logo designer takes into consideration the identity, the vision, and the goals of the company when creating a logo for the company.
  1. A company logo should be relevant. A good company logo design is not just pleasing to the eye; it should also make the people think not just of the company but also of the products or the services that the company offers.
  1. An effective logo should be appealing and should be unforgettable. A logo with a simple, attractive design is easy to remember. An effective logo makes the people who see it instantly visualize the company even if the logo does not include the name of the company and is only a graphic image.
  1. A logo should be adaptable. A good company logo design can be placed on a variety of marketing mediums. The logo should be clear and discernible in huge mediums, such as billboard signs, tarpaulins, letterheads, websites, as well as in smaller mediums like mugs, pens, and key chains.
  1. A logo must be appropriate. Nowadays, images are also checked for political correctness. Aside from conveying a clear message, a good company logo design should be clean, wholesome, and upright.
  1. A logo should be totally original. One major mistake that a logo designer could do is to copy the idea or the design of another logo designer especially if the design has already been trademarked. A great logo designer makes his own mark in the world of graphic design by making an original, catchy, and effective logo.
  1. A logo should be unique. A distinctive company logo can promote good recall for the company. It will also set the company apart from its competitors and make it stand out.

Having a logo can be an invaluable marketing strategy to help your business become known. If you are thinking about creating a company logo design for your business, visit or call 504-717-4837 and ask for Brian Hong.

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