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Coordinating Your Online Marketing Efforts

Internet marketing is based on generating traffic to your corporate website so that you create an opportunity to convert your visitors to customers. While having a well designed website is the foundation of having a strong online presence, in order to get the maximum return from your website it is essential to back it up with a comprehensive internet marketing strategy that includes using social media, Web 2.0 sites and even your competitor’s blogs. Obviously it is going to be more productive if you start with a good plan and the most important part of that plan is how you intend to coordinate your online marketing efforts. The key to success is to have a routine for every blog post when you make it so that within minutes of going online it is available across several sites and can start generating traffic straight away.

Most corporate website now are focused around the company blog and having high quality, informative posts on your blog has become more important as the search engines have evolved their crawlers to eliminate keyword stuffed pages of low grade spammy copy. This presents challenges for many businesses as coming up with daily posts that maintain a high level of quality can be a full time job in itself. Most blogs aim at making at least three posts per week and so to get the maximum exposure it is important to make sure that they are highly visible to your prospective readers. Every blog post that you make should be linked to all of your social media pages, social bookmarking sites and can even be republished on sites like Squidoo and Hubpages to create good quality back links that can attract new visitors while greatly improving your SEO at the same time.

To really leverage all of these advantages it is necessary to have a routine for supporting all of the new posts on your company blog. Setting up an RSS feed from your blog to your social media pages like Facebook is usually as simple as using one of the RSS apps that these sites usually make available. It is a good idea to make individual comments on the status updates that are automatically generated by the RSS feed apps to give the status updates a personal touch and shows that you are actually on the site and are ready to be involved in the conversation that your post is trying to start.

Bookmarking your posts is not only a great way of generating higher SERPs with incoming links but can also generate a lot of new traffic to your website if they are used well. To generate interest in your company’s blog posts come up with a good hook line to introduce them on the bookmarking sites to encourage people to want to click through to your site and read what you have to say. It pays to take the time make your bookmarked links stand out from the automatically generated ones. A simple strategy for bookmarking is to ask the question that your blog post answers or highlight the tips that your post gives when you post your links to it.

Coming up with quality content is a difficult and time consuming task and so being able to use the same copy several times will be a way of increasing the cost effectiveness of your investment. Many Web 2.0 sites will allow you to repost material onto their site just as long as it offers quality information for its topic. This creates the opportunity to have several web pages where your latest blog posts can be found and multiplies the chances of conversions.

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