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How Diversified Marketing Work - Infintech Designs Nov 18, 2013

Diversified Marketing: What It Is, How it Works

“Diversified marketing” doesn’t just mean putting your message in front of different demographic groups, although that’s a good idea too, varying the format of the message itself. Have you been updating your business Facebook page content almost every day?

Take a day off and send out some press releases. Experiment with a small, low-cost Google AdWords campaign, just to see what return it gets. Look at not only how many people come to your site as the result of an ad, but how long they stay, and what they purchase.

Re-target your Ads

Re-targeting ads help too, using small pixels to target your ad to people who have visited your site without buying and reintroducing your message to them elsewhere on the Web. Re-targeting tends to be effective because it places your ads only in front of people who have visited your site and are familiar with your brand. You should never stop exploring different ways to promote and market your business. What worked last year, last month, and yesterday, maybe something completely different from what’s working today.

Effective Content Strategy

Keep in mind that ads only get people to your website. Your content is what keeps them there and makes them return. Make sure it’s interesting, relevant, and fresh, whether that means just new products and great sales/deals, or if it means a blog on industry-related topics, product reviews, or a business-specific blog.

Consider making your own mash-up, using your own old content, mixed with new content, and placed in a new framework or platform. Write a blog post, put it on your Facebook, and then send it out to the media as a press release. Add pictures of new products then post them on Pinterest.

Make sure your name and/or logo appear in lots of different places so your business is hard to miss. News articles are still a viable medium, one often overlooked, and a well-written press release that’s found by the right set of eyes gives you exposure to many outlets, ones you might not have reached otherwise. Editors and bloggers need content, look for ideas, and welcome contributions germane to their own themes and audiences.

Use Google Analytics to measure how effective your various efforts are. Whatever form you use, make sure you understand what is measured and how; i.e. if you expand a menu, then leave, does that count more than if you look at the page but do nothing, then leave?

Try to use a program that offers active measures of visitor behavior as well as passive measures, to get a fuller picture of how well your efforts are succeeding or failing. It’s worth spending the money to try new things, but not worth continuing to spend it on formats that aren’t working well.

Even promotional materials like mugs, hats, T-shirts, pens or tote bags count as part of your diverse marketing plan. You can use your website registration list to generate a “gift list” of people who should receive items as reminders, add one to every order mailed, put them out on displays in your brick-and-mortar store if you have one, and hand them out at trade shows. How you do it doesn’t matter as much as that you get your information in front of people and keep it there.


Diversification is essential in marketing, and Infintech Designs is ready and able to work with you on a program that will incorporate a variety of styles, presentations, and formats. We’ll show you the most effective changes you can make, and then we’ll help you make them, to make sure your message attracts the largest possible audience to your website, and to make visitors into customers.

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