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Do You Need Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, or Search Engine Optimization?

If it seems like it’s getting harder to keep up with your internet marketing plan lately, it’s not just you. Besides the traditional avenues of pay per click advertising, online ads, and search engine optimization, social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are giving business owners and other marketers even more to do.

So a question we hear a lot is: which one(s) of these does my company need?

Ideally, your online marketing plan will have a little bit of each, although your goals are going to determine what the mix should look like. For instance, companies needing lots of Internet leads quickly are going to be heavy on PPC ads, since these are likely to pay the fastest dividends, while others who sell merchandise directly over the Internet will want to concentrate on SEO, as it can be a lot more cost-efficient over time while potentially delivering thousands of new customers every day. And finally, those companies where professionals are relying on referrals for new revenue might look to social media sites, since these allow them to deepen customer relationships.

Most likely, though, is that you will recognize parts of your business and each of these. The answer is to do a little bit of each, but have them all pointing towards the same bottom-line goals.

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