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Does Content Marketing Still Work - Infintech Designs Nov 26, 2019

Does Content Marketing Still Work in 2019?

The simple answer, of course, is yes. Your content is what represents who you are as a brand, and it is also what sets you apart from your competitors. 

In today’s digitally-driven age, without great content that relates to your audience, the chances of standing out and making an impression on the viewers is slim to none. 

Yet this challenge is often a difficult hurdle for many businesses to tackle. As such, it often makes sense to hire a content marketing agency such as Infintech Designs to do the heavy lifting.

 Content marketing services planned and executed by high-performance content marketing agencies allow New Orleans businesses the opportunity to reap the rewards of this valuable marketing channel, while maintaining focus on what they do best: running their business.

Before you take that next step, here’s what you need to know when it comes to content marketing in 2019 and beyond…

Content Marketing: Providing Value is Key

 Gone are the days when mass-produced, low value, keyword-laden content will earn you traffic and rankings on Google. 

In fact, over-optimizing your content may now earn you a penalty with today’s search engine algorithms.

 In 2019 and beyond, if you want to make content work in your favor, you need to serve two masters: Google and your audience. 

By blending optimization and accessibility with engaging high-value content, you can earn more traffic, build an audience, establish trust and authority, and ultimately grow your business with more leads and sales.

 The formula for value as it relates to content includes:

 ● Usefulness — Give your audience the content they need in order to help solve their problems or overcome challenges. Even if they can’t use it right away, promoting content that the consumer can use creates trust and authority, as well as a sense of appreciation.

 ● Informative — teach your audience something new that relates to what they’re searching for. 

Educating your audience with information that strengthens their goal gives the impression that you are knowledgeable and willing to help them succeed.

 ● Entertaining — Instead of focusing on a piece of content going viral, focus on a piece of content that your audience will have fun participating in. 

In other words, give your consumers something to do or think about. Engagement and interaction are the keys to organic and viral exposure. 

These two elements provide value by way of entertaining how someone feels or by allowing them to participate in a piece of content. This humanizes your brand and makes your audience feel relevant. 

They want to know that you appreciate their time and existence and entertaining them is one way to help them lower their guard and lean into what you have to offer.

Content Marketing: A High ROI Channel

 All forms of content can be construed as a type of advertising. 

But, the internet doesn’t appreciate ads if they resemble a TV commercial or a pushy car salesman. 

In other words, your “advertising” should be more or less disguised within your content as opposed to simply being an obvious promotion.

Modern consumers are savvier than ever and don’t like to be “sold to”. 

Consumers don’t appreciate feeling like they are being talked at, so advertising through your content will make your audience feel like you are talking to them instead. 

This is where the formula for providing high value, high-performance content comes into play.

When done right, content marketing can: 

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost credibility and build trust
  • Establish and grow your audience
  • Increase rankings on Google and other search engines
  • Earn valuable backlinks through guest posts
  • Drive targeted traffic to digital assets
  • Increase lead flow, conversions, and sales

Establishing and Building an Audience

Content designed with the sole purpose of boosting brand awareness is no longer the way to a consumer’s heart. 

You need to engage your audience, provide value, and create a real and meaningful dialogue. Instead, work on creating content that results in long term relationships. 

Make sure your messaging isn’t reduced to a thinly veiled attempt to “sell” them. Connecting with your target audience is a surefire way to build a loyal following that raves about your brand to others.

 To this point, it is important to really know who your audience is and what type of content they respond to or enjoy interacting with the most.

Remember, the entire point of content marketing is to spark an emotion or a reaction in those that view your content. What works for you, or your brand, may not work for another company or industry.

 Types of Content

 Content marketing is a broad strategy encompassing a varying number of media types and marketing channels. 

Types of content may include written text, images, infographics, graphics, audio, and video. 

These content pieces can then be promoted across a range of channels including but not limited to organic search, paid advertisements, sponsored posts or publications, guest posts, and more.

Interactive Content Marketing 

Content that your audience can interact with creates an ongoing dialogue and ‘buy-in’ via participation.

Examples of interactive content include: 

  • Polls and voting posts
  • Questions and quizzes posts
  • This or That posts
  • Opinions seeking posts

 Any type of content that involves engagement has the potential to spread like wildfire. 

interactive content - Infintech Designs

Just think of those silly “quizzes” on Facebook and how much they get shared among friends.

Influencer Marketing

 Influencers help to give your brand credibility and earn the trust of your audience. 

Influencers already have an audience that looks up to them and takes their advice to heart. Having the right influencers in your corner can make a world of difference.

Multimedia Content

 Not every piece of content should be the same. 

For example, any successful brand knows that posting only gifs or only photos can get tiresome and boring. 

multimedia content - Infintech Designs

It is important that you mix up the type of content that you publish and promote to keep things fresh.

 Make sure that you are implementing videos, articles, blog posts, photos, interactive content, text posts, and stories. 

It’s up to you to figure out which mix of content provides your audience with the most overall value and then alter your content strategy accordingly.

Closing Thoughts

 When properly planned for and implemented, content marketing can be one of the highest ROI marketing strategies for the long-term. 

Not only does it bring awareness to your brand, a single piece of properly optimized and positioned content can earn you “free” traffic and customers for years to come.

Call Infintech Designs to know more about content marketing.  

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