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Flash or JQuery – Know What You Want from a Web Development Firm

One of the most appealing aspects of the internet is the interactivity between the user and the website. There is a sense of control, a personal touch, which basically allows the user to learn more about a particular product, service, or company as compared to watching television, listening to the radio, or reading a newspaper. A website reacts to what the user does. And this is all thanks to two particular programming languages, Flash and JQuery. Although relatively similar, a good web development firm should know the advantages and disadvantages of using either JQuery or Flash.

Both Flash and JQuery are used to create the interactive elements of a website. Things like moving graphics, expanding input boxes, and the like are done using these programming languages. Of course, they both have certain advantages and disadvantages and a web development firm should know about this.

Flash Website Design
Using Flash basically gives the designer a lot more options and choices when it comes to what font to use, graphics, and how to use animation. It is a very flexible tool. But the major downside to using this is the fact that it is not supported by all platforms. For example, mobile devices cannot read a website made with Flash. At the same time, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing also do not recognize the code used for Flash. Because of this, they have a harder time indexing and ranking the site.
Because of this, a web development firm should use strong caution before implementing Flash. Unless the look and feel of the site is much more important and limiting the people who views the site is acceptable, then this shouldn’t be used.

JQuery Animation
On the other hand, JQuery is basically the opposite of Flash when it comes to advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it is a good program for animation and graphics but it does have more limitations compared to Flash. You can’t achieve the same level of graphics with JQuery.

On the up side, this programming language has no problem with platform compatibility and with search engine algorithms. This is why a web development firm also concerned with search engine optimization would rather use JQuery instead of Flash. Because most of the time, what use is a website if no one can get to it? It doesn’t matter how good a site looks, if no one can view it or even find it, then it is useless.

From a design standpoint, Flash obviously wins. It can be used by a web development firm to give you the best possible design. But if SEO is put into consideration, then JQuery is the obvious winner. Until today, there is a huge debate whether one is better than the other. But the fact of the matter is, which one is better depends on your needs or wants. If you want to learn more about the differences between the two and what to use, visit the website or call 504-717-4837 for a free consultation. Look for Brian Hong.


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