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How Google Changed SEO - Infintech Designs Dec 06, 2014

How Google Has Changed SEO

In just a few years SEO has gone from the forefront of the online marketer’s mind when it comes to optimization to just a single component of what defines a successful online strategy. As Google and other search engines continue to update their algorithms, the role of SEO in online marketing has evolved rapidly. Just a few years ago, people were widely using tactics to manipulate the results of the search engines. Now these tactics are outdated and irrelevant.

SEO is evolving so quickly that Google itself has completely changed the game. Here are a few ways in which Google has changed search engine optimization:

1. SEO is more focused on branding rather than tricks.

Just a few years ago, online marketers were trying all kinds of tricks to help get them in the top results in the search engines. However, these days there simply isn’t any way to get ahead without the assistance of a professional. While certain tricks may work for just a short period of time, there are no longer any guaranteed ways of getting to the top positions and stay there for any period of time.

Now online marketers who use SEO to boost their online marketing strategies use it in order to promote content or other offers that will appeal to brand building. This enables visitors to have more reasons for engaging with the brand rather than the limited options that visiting a page written to rank for an SEO keyword could offer.

2. The number of online services has exploded.

These days, Google is not only providing organic search results for businesses, it also reports other information such as the weather, news, videos, apps and more when you type in a particular keyword phrase. This means that results for actually businesses are increasingly not the top results on any page when a search keyword is entered.

3. Links are becoming more irrelevant.

As Google has repeatedly stated, they do not want website owners buying paid links in order to manipulate the search engine results. As a result, it is highly likely that Google will make inbound links less relevant as the search engine algorithm updates continue. In addition, Google has already put measures in place to discount links from sites that it deems to be spammy or low quality. In the future, this could extend to links that are thought to be paid links or otherwise incentivized.

As a result, it is important to look beyond Google in order to get ahead in marketing your business online. Google is not going to stop changing and as time goes on, keeping up with the never-ending updates could become cost-prohibitive to your business.

If you would like to explore some strategies beyond organic search that could help your business to become more successful, Infintech Designs can help. Request a review of your online marketing strategy today!

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