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Google Ranks Highly for Satisfaction - Infintech Designs Aug 25, 2014

Google Ranks Highly for Satisfaction Among Its Users

If you are wondering which search engines you should be focusing your time on when it comes to following the rules for SEO optimization, it is important to remember that the sites that are important are those that perform best for getting traffic that converts. That said, a new study has indicated that Google, once again, ranks highly in terms of consumer satisfaction. This means that Google is doing a good job at making sure that its users are satisfied with its search results.

The Results of the Survey: Winners and Losers
These results were measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index which is a survey that is done annually. For every year since 2000, except for the year 2007, Google has made the top spot for satisfaction among consumers.

An interesting result from the study also indicates that Yahoo! and AOL have the lowest scores in terms of consumer satisfaction. Bing’s results as a search engine also rank significantly lower than Google’s results.

How the Results Were Measured
In order to determine customer satisfaction, the study looked at a number of industry customer experience benchmarks. These benchmarks included site performance, freshness of content, variety of services and information, each of site use tested with various devices, ease of navigation speed and reliability of video clips and the number of ads on the site. Interestingly, nearly all of these metrics are what Google considers in its site rankings. Therefore, if these are the factors that make Google rank highly among its users, these are the exact metrics that your site must also focus on in order to obtain high rankings and large amounts of organic traffic.

What This Study Means for Your Business
Whether or not these results matter to your business depends on how users come to your website. That said, these results are continuously changing over time so it never a good idea to rule out optimizing for specific search engines based on the results of a study.

Google is also a company that has long since matured. This means that the market is beginning to open up for competitors in search engine services. Therefore, the best strategy with regards to optimizing for specific search engines would be to keep your options open and focus on using only those strategies that bring you the best all around results.

If you are unsure how to optimize your SEO strategy so that it takes into account the differences among the various search engines, then you should consider hiring an internet marketing company to point you in the right direction. This will help you to better target your marketing so that you can reap the most benefits from the organic traffic that is already out there and is waiting to be converted.

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