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How to Do Link Building Right

Are you the kind of webmaster who’s always on the lookout for link building opportunities? 

This isn’t surprising as many experts in the SEO world rave about the power of external links. 

But how much attention have you placed in building links from your website to other websites? Outbound links have frowned upon for many years, due to unfounded claims. 

The truth is that you can benefit by placing links to other websites from your own for user experience.

Infintech Designs offers link building services packages that focus on external links and outbound links. 

Our team can present you with plenty of case studies involving top-ranking sites that practice outbound linking—a testament to the effectiveness of this often-ignored link building strategy.

Why Link Building Still Matters

There’s a lot of talk about Google RankBrain and the ever-increasing role of artificial intelligence in its core search algorithm. 

Yet the power of links must not be understated. Google has said it themselves: A huge part of their algorithm is analyzing links. 

It makes total sense because websites with links from authoritative and relevant sources deserve them.

Link building isn’t as straightforward as you might think though. 

While your link building campaigns should definitely involve building external links, it’s high time that you recognize the many benefits of outbound links.

Think of Wikipedia. It’s the go-to online resource for all kinds of general information—and it has earned a solid reputation over the years. Do you know what all Wikipedia pages have in common?

It’s the fact that they point links to other websites. And they aren’t shy about them.

If you’ve used Wikipedia before, then you know that these outbound links help you find more information about the particular topic you’re interested in. 

Wikipedia improves your user experience, even if it means offering a way for visitors to leave their own site.

There’s no reason not to put in place the same link building tactic. The idea is to reward your visitors with a compelling experience, and they’ll return the favor by coming back to your site.

Advantages of Linking to Other Websites

1) Build relationships with other people in your niche

The smartest and most talented people on the web understand its natural linking environment. 

If you join this environment by placing outbound links on your site, then other people in your niche may start recognizing your efforts. imagine someone keeping track of all the backlinks on his website and finding your own.

link building strategies - Infintech Designs

This person would appreciate your link and reward you by linking out to one of your posts from his website. 

This could be the start of a new relationship, presenting many opportunities in the future.

2) Make your site a more valuable resource

There’s a reason why Wikipedia receives millions of visitors each day. 

The same applies to Google itself, a site designed to get you off their website as possible. 

Link building strategies should involve outbound links as they can turn your website into a more valuable and scalable resource for your target audience. 

Even if you think that you have a quality website with excellent content, it still pays to point to other websites that could contain more relevant information and add value for your visitors.

3) Rank higher in the organic results

Did you know that the search engines don’t look at who links to your site but who you link to as well? 

This ranking factor is a signal of quality. 

link building for SEO - Infintech Designs

Our SEO team at Infintech Designs has looked into this, and our spam analysis has found that low-quality sites commit the mistake of linking to low-quality sites as well. 

Great websites, meanwhile, tend to link to other quality websites. There’s no doubt that Google takes this into consideration, so take advantage by building more outbound links.

4) Incentivize more links pointing to your site

The act of linking out sends a message to other websites and content creators that they should consider your website when they do blogger outreach. 

You wouldn’t want the links on your site to point to internal links only. This practice tells others that you’re a one-man show in the natural linking environment.

5) Encourage active participation

Online users are bombarded with all kinds of content on a daily basis—both good and bad. 

You’d want to stand out by encouraging active participation, and you can achieve this by linking out to other websites.

You’re compelling your target audience and prominent figures in your industry to engage with your site. 

There’s real value in participating in online interactions, and you’d do yourself a favor by creating your website into one that attracts this kind of participation as well.

How Content Impacts Your Outbound Links

Of course, all this tied into your content strategy. 

Many digital marketers say that content marketing is the only kind of marketing that works. That’s going a little too far, but it’s worth understanding where they’re coming from.

Content plays a crucial role in your marketing efforts. 

link building techniques - Infintech Designs

Even link building agencies know that their links would prove useless unless the sites they work with and the sites from which they get external links have high-quality content.

At Infintech Designs, we plan a custom strategy that takes into account your content and outbound links. 

We offer white label link building to provide you with real, trackable, and scalable results. Our team of content marketing and link building experts understands what it takes to bring your website to the top of Google while ensuring that you offer value to your visitors.

If you want your brand to make more noise in New Orleans, Louisiana, then don’t think twice about using our backlink service.

We guarantee to provide a comprehensive link building approach, including white hat link building that includes building both qualities external and outbound links to offer you a long-lasting impact on your search engine rankings.

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