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How to Optimize Sites Using Top New Orleans SEO Strategies

Having an online business site and submitting it to search engines is not sufficient – businesses have to take on the challenge of getting their target market to find them in the most convenient way possible. To accomplish this all-important task, online businesses need techniques and technologies so they can position themselves on the front pages of search engines. This gives them the best exposure since visitors browse those sites that they see on the pages first. This is also the primary function of SEO.

Since about 90% of the whole Internet traffic is coming from search engines, businessmen can now skip the middlemen dilemma and sell directly to sources through proven SEO strategies. All they need to do is to position their businesses in front of the market directly through search engines.  This can be done with the help of effective SEO strategies, such as the following:

Step 1.  The creation of a user-friendly site with static Home Page complete with its front-end

Having a static home page maintains the consistency of all the dynamic elements present within it that makes it easy for search engines’ little spiders to locate the site themselves. Otherwise, they will be facing new and different content every time.  If the homepage is not static, spiders are forced to figure out the site and its structure each time, which only adds to the load and confusion. This is one of the main reasons why some websites are penalized and taken out of the search engine rankings.

Step 2. Having Informational Content

Search engines love useful content. Sites that are full of fresh and informational content have the best chances on landing the top spots on the rankings. Another effective way of enticing search engines to value particular business sites over others is by adding creative features, like “Q and A” forums readily accessible on the site. It may not be that helpful in the process of building online traffic itself, but this tactic can lead to a creation of a good and strong visitor and customer base that encourages participation. This not only helps in creating content for the site, it also nurtures the value of customers thus paving the way for a strong relationship that would last for a long time.

Step 3. Effective Use of Header Tags

Header tags are every standard HTML elements used for defining headings and subheadings within Web pages. Search engines are programmed to favor convenience and content that defines sites. Header tags do just that since they organize content in Web pages.

Step 4. Leaving Behind Effective Breadcrumb Trail

Breadcrumb trails naturally makes sites easy to navigate and reach. They are made up of an order of clicked pages to arrive on any specific business sites.  Linking with other sites helps navigation much easier.

SEO is not just limited to these strategies mentioned above. In fact, there is a whole bunch of strategies that SEO experts can offer you. Take note however that while these strategies are proven effective, they may not work well for your website. This is why working with an expert is of great advantage as he/she knows very well which strategies will propel your business to success.  Call Brian Hong @ to see how we can assist you – 504-717-4837

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