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How to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

The importance of having a mobile website has been discussed by many time and time again. You know that in today’s world of smartphone users, tablet computers, and searches being performed on the go, your business needs to have a website that is simple to navigate on the smaller screens of these devices so that you can be found by prospects faster and market to them effectively.

As you start on your road to designing your mobile website, there are certain things you must do to keep it optimal not only for search engines but also for the end user. First, you will need to understand what a mobile website is and why it is important. Understanding the reason for creating this type of website is the easiest way to guide your own mobile website design in the right direction.

Here are some tips to help get you started as you decide how to design a mobile website that will have an impact on the people visiting your page.

Simplify Your Mobile Website
One of the biggest reasons why you want to design a mobile website is to make it easier for your website visitor to find the information they need on a smaller screen. This involves condensing the information you currently have on your site and simplifying it to be more direct and more readable, even on a smartphone. When people access information on a smartphone, they are usually looking for fast answers. By making your website simpler, you allow your visitor to find the information they are after quickly and efficiently.

Include a Way to Get to Your Main Website
Although you want to have a simple website to serve the majority of people wanting fast information off your page such as contact information and product offerings, you also want to have an option for the people looking for even more information to access your main page. Include a link back to your main site designed for the computer so that a visitor that is doing a more in-depth search on their smartphone can find details if they choose to do so.

Use a Separate URL to Automatically Redirect Visitors to Your Mobile Site
While setting up your website, create a separate URL to redirect your visitors to. This is usually Then, the marketing firm coding your website will be able to set up regulations to automatically detect if your website visitor is using a mobile device and redirect them to the mobile-friendly version of your website. This will make it simple for your visitor up front so that they do not have to navigate and search for the mobile-friendly version themselves.

Eliminate too Many Extras on Your Page
Having extras on a mobile website slows down your website load speed which can have an impact on your search engine rankings and is plain annoying for your visitor. Remove any pop-ups, JavaScript, and flash that could make your mobile website difficult to navigate and slow to access.

Be Consistent in Your Branding Overall
Finally, even though you are creating a mobile website, it does not mean that it should look dramatically different from your current website. Use the same color scheme, language, and logos to keep your brand consistent across all devices. This will help your website visitor to know that they are on your page.

Designing a mobile website is a ‘must-do’ for small businesses that want to compete. For more help getting your mobile website optimized, coded, and set up, contact our offices. We will help guide you toward a mobile website that will help drive traffic to your business.

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