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Importance of Communication in Pay Per Click Client Ties

Reaching out to clients is always important in any business, but it is even more essential to online enterprises, including those involved in pay-per-click advertising. Search Engine Watch columnist John Lee writes that having a solid communication plan is key to establishing a strong relationship with pay per click clients.

PPC Client Reporting
Most providers of or managers in PPC advertising recommend running through reports and campaigns with the client on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at the start of the deal, making the meetings a monthly occasion only when the customer has gotten comfortable with the relationship. To make reporting more interesting, pay per click managers may create graphs, charts and other forms of visual presentations of their analysis and recommendations. Some managers agree that a combination of detailed and outlined reports keep the PPC client interested in the updates, saying a comprehensive report demonstrates transparency and builds trust. Other managers, however, prefer to keep the reporting concise, mentioning only the facts that the client understands.

In terms of pay per click conversions, many industry experts go with one-per-click reporting. Explaining the metrics further is also encouraged, depending on the client’s needs and goals. Many-per-click conversion accounts are more effective when speaking to clients who are familiar with Google AdWords.

Heeding Client’s Meeting Preferences
When setting up meetings for PPC reporting, managers should always follow up on the agreed schedule. Managers make clients feel valued when they consult and give time to their customers, especially those who have queries or concerns about their PPC ads.

Discussing PPC reports in person is always a good way to strengthen connections with clients. However, some PPC advertising customers opt for electronic communication, such as by telephone, e-mail or video chat so they can fit the meeting into their busy schedule. Video chatting on Skype, iMeet or Google+ Hangouts enables the PPC manager and his client to still converse face to face even if they cannot meet in person.

Tools to Aid PPC Client Communication
PPC Management Software companyAcquisio has a Pay Per Click Report Builder that helps managers create month-end documents. One of Acquisio’s products is the Cross-Channel Reporting tool that automatically extracts PPC campaign figures from Google Analytics, Dart/Double Click, The Trade Desk Tracking and similar sources. Denver PPC provides samples of PPC reports and offers to customize them to include creative analyses and unique written reports that go beyond automated data interpretation.

Client relations are a big factor in a successful pay per click advertising business. Pay per click managers should keep consistent communication with their customers by being ready to respond to their questions and by being available when the clients request meetings or updates about their ad campaigns. PPC managers can keep in touch with their clients by taking advantage of different forms of electronic media or simply through a phone call. Scheduled meetings about PPC reporting are recommended by experts in the pay per click advertising industry, but spontaneous get-togethers can also make the client feel valued.

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