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Important Aspects of New Orleans Web Design

In building a website, the first thing a good web design company would do is to plan out the design of the actual site. How should it look like? What should it feel like? These questions are vital when it comes to the design process. But before you can answer that, there are several things you have to look at as well. If you are from New Orleans, here are some facts that a good New Orleans web design company should be discussing with you.

First, what is the website for? There are several different types of website but it can be broken down into two basic categories: an informative site, and an online store.

An informative website basically contains content regarding a particular topic or subject matter. An online store basically sells products or services. Knowing what category the site falls under is the first step for web design. The next step is determining the industry of the site.

Most websites are built for a particular industry or niche. Of course, the design should be strongly influenced by this. You wouldn’t design a restaurant website with an unappetizing color scheme.

Once the category and niche is determined, it is now time to choose what elements are needed for the website. What are the things that it should contain in order to achieve the goals of the website. A company site would most likely want the visitor to become a customer. To do that, you need to put in certain elements such as product or service information, pricing, and a contact form so that the visitor turns into a lead, and finally a customer.

There are a lot of things a person can do wrong when it comes to web design. Sometimes more energy is put into making the site look elegant and beautiful. Sometimes too much artistry is put into the design. Although nice and dandy, these things do not translate to achieving the goal of the website; most of the time these things get in the way of the user. One example is placing the navigation bar in unique ways. The effect is that the user gets lost in the shuffle since he cannot find the exact information he needs from the site.

When it comes to New Orleans web design, looking fancy and having bright colors are not enough. Each website has a purpose and to attain the goals set forth by the owner, the design should incorporate elements that would lead to that success. Sometimes this can be done by doing what the client wants but most of the time; it is the designer who should know how to turn website traffic into sales. The designer should not only have the skills and knowledge when it comes to designing a website, he also should have the right tricks when it comes to making the design work towards the goal of the owner.

Brian Hong is one of the leading web designers today. Not only does he know what a good New Orleans web design should look like, but he also knows how to make the design work for you. If you want to learn more, visit or call 504-717-4837. Look for Brian Hong.

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