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Improve Storytelling - Infintech Designs May 14, 2016

How to Improve Storytelling for Your Brand on Social Media

Storytelling can do wonders for your brand because it helps your customers to feel connected to your business. To demonstrate the importance of creating a narrative for your brand, let’s say that you want to promote your product. You probably won’t be able to get people really interested in the product if you just create a sales script about it. However, if you add context by using the narrative of a happy customer ending with a recommendation for customers to buy their own.

This small example demonstrates the huge difference that storytelling can make for your brand and ultimately your sales. Here are some tips to help you improve storytelling for your brand on social media.

Consider Your Existing Brand and Your Company’s Values

Unless your company is a new startup, there is likely already some idea of what your brand represents to customers. As a result, you should make sure that this image aligns with your company’s values and it is reflected in the voice of your storytelling.

Don’t Forget the Reason Why You Want to Tell Your Story

As you create content to reflect your brand, don’t forget why you are telling your story by creating a plan for your social media marketing efforts. By having a plan, you can plan out each piece of content in advance to ensure that it meets all of your required objectives.

Find Your Audience

With reliable social media marketing, you have the potential to reach millions with your stories. However, you may only want to reach a few hundred people with your social media campaign. As you seek out individuals who want to learn more about your brand, you should select only those people who are most likely to buy. Use geo-targeting, demographic information and behavioral filters for your campaign to ensure that you only promote your message where it will matter. By finding your audience before you craft your content, you can dramatically improve the odds that it will be effective.

Personalize Your Storytelling

It’s not enough to simply deliver stories that are about your business. You must take a more personalized approach to storytelling that is designed to help your customers build an emotional connection with your brand. Create stories that your audience can relate to and will catch your audience’s attention. In addition, you also want to make sure that your approach show sensitivity and responsibility in reaching out to people from all different walks of life who might be a part of your audience for one reason or another.

Don’t Forget the Human Side of Business

The best marketers already use storytelling to connect with their audiences. If you want some examples, think of how Apple has carved out such a following among users of its products. Another example of a brand that has done a great job of using storytelling in its marketing is McDonald’s. For customers of both of these brands, there is definitely an emotional component that is associated with the purchase and consumption of the products that these companies sell.

If you want to get the best results from your efforts, it is important that you keep in mind that your business isn’t a mindless entity that simply attracts customers. In fact, business is all about building relationships and people connecting with other people. By helping your customers to connect with your brand emotionally through social media, you can drive better results for your business.

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