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Ways to Improve Twitter Marketing - Infintech Designs Oct 25, 2012

Improving Your Twitter Marketing

No doubt there is a fantastic marketing plan with realizable and “monitorable” goals already set out at your company. However, if the results are less than stellar or you believe that more can be achieved with your budget, then you should consider evaluating your primary methods and tactics. New methods are continuously developed so it pays to be attentive and update your strategy. Read on to see if you can incorporate something new.

First of all, check whether your profile information is engaging and readable, not just a dry re-iteration of what is on the main website. Using the firm logo as the Twitter picture could appear as impersonal and alienating to some people while a personal picture could reduce the authority of the company. You could, for example, have a custom graphic or cartoon done for a strong impact – just look at SEOmoz’s Twitter account1. Additionally, incorporate SEO keywords in the description and the background info as well as a working link to the main website.

Fully utilizing hashtags will enable you to access new readers provided your comments are on topic. Quite a few tweeters fall into the bad habit of using only a few hashtags without researching whether their niche can interest other groups. For example, content on the latest IT services and technology can be useful to businesses with a strong dependence on technology. The best strategy is to research alternative hashtags and groups, paying close attention to what is acceptable and especially what is not, and incorporating them into daily tweets. This will allow for a quicker increase in followers and a more diverse audience.

Every marketing campaign can be made easier using automated software. First of all, there are numerous limits on how many people you can follow2. Therefore, it makes sense to remove those that don’t follow you back or don’t benefit your brand. The Manage Flitter3 tool enables you to track your followers and evaluate whether they follow you back or benefit your account in any way. Furthermore, it highlights those users that need more interaction. Hoot Suite4 enables tweet scheduling so that you don’t have to run to your computer every hour or so. Regular posting is the cornerstone of successful Twitter profiles as it engages the audience and lets them get accustomed to your daily messages.

For those that use Twitter as a full enterprise tool, Tweet Deck5 can help deal with complaints and customer feedbacks much faster. It downloads all the tweets – received and sent, and categorizes and filters them for better analysis. For example, you can filter all the tweets that have complaints and deal with them before you lose your customers, or reply to all the congratulating tweets first.

It pays to go a bit further with your Twitter account and reward your followers and customers so that they stay loyal. If you have a scheduled delivery, you could connect the truck’s GPS with a Twitter account so that it tweets its location for better service. Alternatively, you could tweet special offers and discount codes to your followers. Consider how to combine your business knowledge and experience into one sentence and add value to your followers. Furthermore, connecting with other businesses or even soliciting resumes is a creative way to attract new talent on board.

Re-tweets should be an integral part of your marketing campaign as these don’t allow news, comments and interesting content to die quickly. Make your tweets re-tweetable and even ask for readers’ opinions. Alternatively, re-tweets can be used as a networking tool to connect to your peers. Always thank the posters of authoritative re-tweets.



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