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New Orleans Mobile Web Design - Infintech Designs Nov 12, 2012

New Orleans Mobile Web Design Easily and Cheaply

More than 8.5% of all web traffic originates from mobile devices now1 so it’s logical to assume that users’ expectations for web experiences on their handsets are starting to increase. They are no longer satisfied with having less functionality, lower-quality graphics, and sometimes unbearably long loading times on their devices versus on their desktop or laptop computers. Making your website mobile-friendly by either launching a complete mobile version of it or utilizing recommended industry practices would solve all of these problems, but few businesses can justify the high initial price. Thankfully, there are cheaper alternatives.

Incorporating responsive design into the site’s infrastructure is a worthwhile investment, as it takes into account different screen sizes and functionality and adjusts itself for maximum visibility. This code works on both desktops and mobile devices, so a single website can service a wide range of users. Furthermore, the site’s URL stays the same so visitors won’t need to be redirected to mobile site. Unfortunately, it is easier to utilize responsive design when rebuilding or launching a new website, as the cost otherwise may be too big. For example, simple themes for WordPress blogs with this functionality cost between $30 and $1002. Alternatively, you could attempt to transform the website on your own. Finally, as the layout would need to check the parameters of each device and make a tailored representation of the website, the page will load more slowly.

If your website has a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, there are available plug-ins for all of these with which to make a mobile-friendly site. WPtouch3, as the name suggests, is oriented towards touchscreen devices like the iPod, Android-powered phones, and Blackberries. With a slew of customizable options, it enables administrators to alter appearances, elements, and loading times. Mobile Joomla4 and Mobile Drupal5 have similar capabilities, including automatic device detection, image scaling, YouTube video optimization, and system and CSS filtering, as well as a neat, centralized administration for the mobile website.

A good place to create a mobile site from scratch is Google Sites6. The interface is straightforward to use and makes use of element-based, drag-and-drop software. The function is completely free and requires little technical know-how as the required steps include template and color-scheme selection, content uploading and adding content. The site will be up in a matter of minutes.

Apart from its WPtouch plug-in, WordPress has extremely useful mobile themes that modify the website depending on whether the user is on a desktop or mobile device7. Furthermore, even if the user has not selected a mobile-friendly theme, it will utilize the Minileven one as default. Tumblr has similar functionality, which is extremely easy to turn on from the advanced settings menu8.

There are services that, in return for a fee, can automatically transform websites into mobile-friendly ones. GoMo is one fine example9, and is powered by Google so you can expect speedy and intuitive solutions. At the time of the writing, the site offered users a one-year free premium package for new customers, which is perfect for webmasters who are not sure whether to commit or not. Similarly, DudaMobile10 has a free service with ads and a “Duda” URL, while heftier subscription plans offer more functionality and a more professional look.

All around the Internet there are other similar services, where the basic package is free, albeit very unprofessional. Therefore, going mobile cheaply is a choice between using a good CMS and utilizing one of the dedicated plug-ins, or going for simple “mobilification” services that charge monthly maintenance fees. Whatever you go for, consider beforehand whether the service will cover your current and future business needs.


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