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New Orleans-4 Principles to Keep in Mind When Designing a Website

Let’s face the fact: when it comes to website designing, there is no right tutorial to guide you from start to finish. If there are, following these guidelines would not work as this only tends to lead you to using the same platforms that others have used, thus the product is only a duplicate of the others.  This is why instead of doing your website yourself or following some online tutorial on website designing, it is wise to invest on a good website designer who knows the key principles of a good website design.

Simplicity and Usability
Many web designers fail in this aspect. A good website does not have to many functions that it already looks too cluttered or have designs that can intimidate users.For a website to be user-friendly, it should have simple designs as this enhances that visitors’ browsing history and increases the possibility of return visits.

Ask any website builder and he or she will tell you that the text font and size you choose sets the stage on how visitors would consider your site. In the early years of Internet marketing, websites used small font sizes because the designers then were scared of white spaces. But for the sake of Internet users today and to make sure that your SEO attempts reach the right people, your chosen website designer must not utilize fonts that are too big or too small. In addition, the space in between texts should make the texts reader-friendly. Again, don’t be afraid of white spaces because if used right, they can be breathers for all those texts and graphics in your site.

Use the Color Wheel
In designing a website, use the color wheel as inspiration: the two slates opposite each other in the color wheel complement one another. If you apply this principle in website creation, use one end for the background and the other end for the texts and vice versa. This is to limit the colors to use to keep the visitor’s attention on what you offer instead of how colorful your site is.

In addition, colors tell site visitors what the site is all about. For instance, the color green is for health while red or orange pertains to the food industry.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball
Perhaps one of the most common mistakes designers make is that they create the site first before thinking about its purpose. The end result is a generic website that does not fully understand the needs of the target audience. So choose a search engine optimization consulting firm that makes it a point to understand where you are coming from, and what your goals are then build a site from there.

By keeping in mind these four principles in website creation, you should be able to come up with a list of the best web design firms to go to. One of the best firms that understand SEO and work based on these four principles in web design is Infintech Designs. To learn more about our company, visit or call Brian Hong at 504-717-4837.

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