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New Orleans Search Engine Marketing

Having a well-designed and attractive website alone is not enough to succeed online. While your website is your online business card and the face you present to your target clients, it is still worthless if it does not get any visitor or traffic. This is why it needs to be in the first pages of search engine results to get the spotlight it deserves. However, with thousands of websites vying for that position in cyberspace, how will you be able to make it appear on those prominent spaces in search engines? This is where the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing comes in. Remember though that using just any SEO for a site will not automatically increase traffic. Like any other business plans, effective search engine marketing strategies must be used.

Here are the top SEO and Search Engine Marketing strategies that successful website owners use to improve their site’s ranking in major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Content is not always king without the right mix of relevant and powerful keywords
They say content is king and that websites should have well-written content for it to get noticed by search engines. But fact is that this is not always the case. While it may be true that having a well-written and relevant content on your website can help boost its ranking, this is not enough to succeed. Powerful keywords, which are basically most searched-keywords by Internet users, should also be embedded in the content for it to get noticed by Google and other search engines. You should also keep in mind search engines regard websites with high keyword density as spam, which is why learning the right keyword density to use is essential.

Putting Fresh Site Content
What is fresh is more appealing to the eye. Same logic applies to SEO. If a website stays the same for a long time, the information it contains, although still relevant, will not be seen as “latest” or “hot” by search engines. It may still show up, but those with newer contents are often given priority.

Link building the right way
Another most important SEO strategy is linkbuilding, which refers to linking your websites to high ranking sites. The main goal of this strategy is to direct traffic from high ranking sites to your website to increase your site’s traffic. There are various ways to build link and these include article marketing or submitting well-written and optimized articles to top article directories like and, forum posting and blog commenting, an many more. Another effective linkbuilding strategy is to use the help of social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Because these sites have billions of users from all over the world, these sites offer great opportunities for you to drive traffic to your website.

Before using any of these SEO strategies though, learn first about how these strategies work and how you will be able to do these strategies the right way. Just simply building links using these methods without learning why and how your website can benefit from them is not enough. For instance, just commenting on blogs or posting on forums without abiding by the rules on such sites will result in getting your website or yourself banned from entering such sites.  This is why asking for the help of an SEO expert may be of great advantage.  Call Brian Hong @ for your FREE Search Engine Marketing consultation – 504-717-4837

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