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New Orleans SEO consultant - Infintech Designs Jul 02, 2019

New Orleans SEO for your Online Store

Search engine optimization is one of the main buzzwords of the modern industry. When the major search engines like Bing or Google rank the platform, they consider several factors, including SEO. 

The website may look appealing and accomplish all of the visual graphics needed to hook users, but if it does not have proper SEO and an online marketing strategy, then the platform is not serving its purpose. If the traffic is less or there is under-performance on the revenue being brought in, the site is not fulfilling its true potential. 

The best New Orleans SEO companies, like Infintech Designs, use a variety of tools to improve optimization of the store for search engines, making the platform more visible and attractive to potential customers. 

Despite organic SEO being complicated for e-commerce sites due to the regulations and conditions they operate under, we can help optimize your site and will make sure the platform gets relevant results based on the following strategies we can implement for your online storefront.

Building Simple Website Exploration

Instituting a simple site exploration translates to a high level of user accessibility or ease of use. 

This is significant for the ranking in the Search Engine Results Page and the enhancing of the user experience. 

The product pages are to be designed in order and the most intuitive manner possible, differentiating them into sections which can be searched and understood. 

Doing this would assist clients in finding the products in a way that is hassle-free. 

Unique Product Descriptions for Products

The creation of unique product designs for the products is significant. 

It may be tempting for one to copy and paste the description of the manufacturer for the products or have the similar content for the related products, though the best approach would be giving each a simple explanation for all products on the site. 

It may seem like a lot of work at the start, but the redundant data may damage the SEO efforts of the online store, especially if the goal is e-commerce. Having unique content descriptions for the materials is going to pay off eventually. 

Using Generic High-traffic Buzzwords for Product Categories

Product keywords as they are also known may be grouped into different sections. 

There are keywords which are specific to the products like the color, model number, and brand. STI stage 3 EJ25 is a specific product keyword; however, ‘car engines’ refers to a generic word.

 For the best visibility, it would be advisable to structure the store around the keyword types. The keywords are set using product pages. 

The generic keywords are usually targeted using categories. Our New Orleans SEO company advises that before starting to build an e-commerce website, it’s vital to plan the site’s architecture using generic search keywords like the product categories.

Now of the two keyword examples, the generic one would be the one attaining the highest search volume. 

It would make sense for the keyword to be the product category buzzword because it is going to funnel people to the products they would be most interested in. 

An SEO company would have effective e-commerce websites use category pages as funnels for two reasons. 

That includes directing the internal searchers to the products being searched for and attracting the external searches to assist in discovering of the relevant materials. 

Working Long-tail Keywords into the Content

Data illustrates the top 10,000 keywords within the index get less than 20 percent of the search traffic. 

That means the long tail, long-graph of keywords which are less searched constitute 80 percent of the primary traffic obtained from the searches. 

Allowing the SEO Company to optimize the short tail allows for a lot of search traffic though it will be at the expense of the long tail keywords which could produce a lot of revenue in sales for the online store. Most customers that click on the online store are going to arrive via keywords which are too small to be seen in the Ad-words Keyword tool. 

Should the keywords not be anywhere within the product descriptions, then it is likely the website is not visible to searchers. In optimizing the long tail of the search traffic, you may utilize content and product descriptions to answer the main questions and consider topics which prospective clients would search for. 

The keywords related to the build quality, functional lifespan, design, or development may not be sufficient to catch the attention within the Ad-words Keyword Tool though they may contribute hundreds of thousands of visitations per month. 

One of the best means of increasing the keyword count would be using more extended and more detailed descriptions for each product page. 

Link Building

Link building is crucial to online optimization as it gives the search engines the digital proof when ranking the websites. 

Without a link to an accessible or relevant platform, the site is not going to have that much visibility. 

Corporations such as Infintech Designs tackle all forms of link building by performing research and analyzing where the competition currently has links to construct an outreach list, then gaining the links. 

The team tracks the performance also to make sure they are developing something impactful over time. 

Final Thoughts

The goal of your online store is not only to attract the clients and make revenues on time, but it is prompt the clients to have loyalty to the platform. 

Search engine optimization is a means of helping the platforms connect more to their customer base and build lasting relationships. 

Usually, this takes a lot of time to do, though, the SEO strategies provided are meant to bolster reputability and consistency within the relations and advertising. 

When compared to other sites, e-commerce has its specific issues which are related to visibility and search engine optimization. 

However, with the right practices and strategies in place, it becomes easier to stand out from the crowd. 

Our New Orleans SEO company is here to make sure your online store adapts these practices and approaches.

Call Infintech Designs today at 504-717-4837.

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