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Niche Webcasts Build Your Online Reputation

Webcasting has been around since the development of buffered media streaming technology in the early 1990s, and it remains one of the most accessible forms of internet multimedia content. The first webcasts, called HotelView1, were a series of short, on demand webcasts of thousands of hotel rooms across the globe. Since then webcasting has broadened into one of the most popular media for users to post online, and sites like You Tube are really just libraries of on demand webcasts.There is a wide range of applications for webcasting, from entertainment to education, and it is also effectively used for promotional purposes. Webcasts can be made very inexpensively and are still able to present a lot of valuable information, making them a very cost effective marketing tool for many types of businesses. There are two ways that webcasts are generally delivered, live and on demand. Live webcasts are usually archived so that they are available on demand afterwards. There are also audio only webcasts, more correctly called podcasts, which may be a more practical option for some kinds of presentations.

The object of making a webcast is to showcase your business and to show off the knowledge and capabilities that you have in your niche. Different kinds of businesses use different styles of presentations to get their marketing message across. It is common for finance and business sector webcasts to be focused on a detail in the stock markets or pitching some sort of financial product that is based on the special understanding that a particular company brings to the marketplace. Property developers and real estate brokers could use their webcasts to show off their portfolios of properties to prospective customers, while a home renovation business might make webcasts of the development of their biggest projects, or make a series about basic home renovation skills to promote their own craftsmanship.

Using Webcasts has many advantages over written content, such as improvements to the SEO of your website, but the most important thing that they do for you is to give you a greater air of authority. Internet users will scan over written content and are aware that it could simply be cut and pasted from other sites, whereas a webcast is a real person speaking and, if they are convincing enough, showing their expertise in some field. The dynamic nature of video gives it a bigger impact with viewers than written content can ever have, and the ability to show viewers what you mean rather than having to find the right words to tell them makes it much more direct and informative.

The popularity of cooking and home improvement programs and the like on television indicates that people are interested in learning about skills from the experts. Most professional people would have knowledge that they could share or skills that they could demonstrate as the basis of a number of webcasts. While these things may seem mundane to you, there are plenty of people who don’t possess those skills that would be very interested in learning more about them. Using webcasts to demonstrate these skills is a great way to establish your reputation for expertise in your niche.

Webcasts can often be produced on very simple and inexpensive video equipment, and are easy to upload to the internet and embed into blog posts or web pages. Used in conjunction with a written blog, they can be the focus of a promotional campaign that gives you a theme for your blog posting and social media marketing. Webcasts are easy to produce and broadcast, and if you would like advice on how best to use them for your business, can get you started.


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