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Quality Content that Supports Your Products and Services

Almost every business these days has a website where they promote themselves online and the ones that maximize the ROI are usually the companies that develop their online presence the most. Small business operators are often too busy with their core activities to devote much time to developing their internet marketing efforts and many don’t understand why just putting their corporate website online won’t drive a crowd of customers to their door. The keys to success with your online marketing are to have a clear plan with well defined goals and to make the effort to create quality content for your website.

The last few years has seen all of the major search engines developing their search algorithms to give greater weight to relevant content. Readable content that has a high number of synonyms and other words that the crawlers associate with the page’s niche now contribute more to a webpage’s SERP ranking than how many links there are to the page. Rather than measuring how connected pages are to one another the search engines are now measuring how relevant those connections are to the content of the pages. This all means that quality copy on your business’ webpage will improve the SEO of the site but this isn’t the only motivation for having quality content on your website.

A good position in the SERPs will certainly drive more traffic to your website but what keeps the visitors there is the content and a page that is poorly written or made up of only sales pitch won’t be as engaging for the reader as a site that offers more valuable content. The main reason that most corporate websites are running a company blog now is that it gives them the opportunity to generate a stream of fresh, informative and interesting content to entice readers to make a connection with the company via their website. While the vast majority on online consumers go onto the web to research a product that they are interested in only about half of them actually take the next step and make a purchase. The websites that offer the most information on their products and services are the ones that will have the highest retention rates for visitors and so they have the greatest chance of making a conversion.

Creating the kind of quality content that will engage your readers will depend largely on what niche your business services. Generally following the topics of current interest in any online forums and social media groups that you follow is a good place to find out what people are talking about so that you can find your own place in the online conversation. Good posts will demonstrate your knowledge of the topic; discuss an aspect of it that is related to your business and offer information or solutions that interested visitors can use. Industry knowledge is a great source of valuable information that can be used to create quality content.

Quality content extends beyond having a well written and informative column of copy on your blog and good quality images of your products that are placed on those pages will enhance their relevance for the search engines. Using images and graphics can be a great way to take advantage of the growth in sharing links through visually oriented sites like Pinterest. Aside from the benefits to your SEO from creating valuable content, an attractively designed, user friendly webpage that offers valuable information is going to develop a higher level of organic traffic which is the true measure of the success of a website and generate a greater return for your efforts.

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