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Nov 01, 2014

Signs That You Are Working With a Bad SEO Company

If you are concerned that your SEO company is not doing what they were hired to do, chances are that you are probably either not effectively communicating your needs to the firm or the firm is not providing good service. There are some clear signs to pay attention to so that you can figure out the situation quickly and deal with it effectively.

You Can’t Get a Clear Idea of What It Is That They Do for You

If you are consistently receiving invoices for services but there is a clear lack of any reporting going on for the SEO services that the company is performing for you, that is an obvious sign that the SEO Company does not have your best interests in mind. However, a more subtle problem can expose a bad SEO company. This happens when you try to get a clear explanation on what the company is actually doing for you to account for the invoices that they are sending.

An SEO company that is reputable should be able to explain in clear terms exactly which services they perform and how they perform those services each month. Whether you have assigned them to publish content for you or run your PPC campaign, they should be able to explain at least the general tasks that are required to perform such jobs. If you are not able to understand their explanation of how they perform their services, it is highly likely that you are working with a bad firm.

You Are Not a Priority

Do you ever try to get in touch with the support or your account manager at your SEO company and have trouble making contact? It is likely that on occasion, if you are making sure to always call during their available business hours, that the staff may be busy. However, if you find yourself routinely leaving voicemails in order to get basic service, this might indicate that you are working with a bad SEO company. Think about whether your interactions with the company have changed over the course of the time that you worked with them? Are you seeing less benefits to the services? Are the prices rising without any explanation? These items should provide a clear hint as to whether there is a problem with the SEO company itself or not.

Not Understanding Your Business

If the SEO Company is treating your company as if it is the same as any other company, then it is highly likely that you are working with a bad SEO company. The SEO company should not be performing services for you in a generic manner. Instead, they should be finding out exactly how you generate revenue in your business and designing a complete process of optimization that will further your revenue goals. If your SEO company barely knows anything about your business, then it is highly likely that you are working with a bad SEO company.

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