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Simple Do it Yourself SEO Stategies

SEO is a vast subject matter and covers many things. Thus, availing of a full SEO package can be really expensive. While using a full SEO package is recommended, this option may not be viable for small and new companies.  If you are still new and do not have enough budget to avail of a more comprehensive SEO package, do not worry though as there are simple strategies that you can do yourself. Leaving only the delicate and complicated strategies to SEO experts would help you save money in the long run.

Here are some things that you can do yourself to improve your site’s ranking:

1. Write Good Content.

In cyberspace, good content is king and making sure that your website contains quality, informative and useful content will help you boost your ranking. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo loves good content and gives priority to sites with valuable content. Thus, if you want to improve your site’s rank online, make sure to have not only optimized but useful articles, too, and this is something that you may be able to do yourself.

2. Keyword Research.

The use of proper keywords can help direct searchers to your site. Targeting key phrases just because it sounds right is never a good idea. Thus, before writing content for your site, it is best that you use a keyword tool such as Google Analytics to help you get the right keywords that would help you position your site in the right place in search engines.

3. Linking to Other Sites.

Search engines have this habit of ranking sites that are linked to other well-known and respected sites.  But being linked to hundreds of pages in a reciprocal fashion is not the way to do it, and it will not help in the rankings. Targeting few but relevant quality sites and directories hints search engines in the ranking process. There are certain link directories that permit website owners to submit their sites for free. So you won’t have to pay for such service, you can actually do this yourself. Search for directories online and submit your site to enhance your website rank.

4. Structuring Sites for SEO Purposes

The way sites are structured also has an important role in the optimization of pages. Websites must contain links to all other important pages and they should be more navigable. This tactic also helps spread the authority score of sites, just like that of Google PageRank. So, before you hire an expert, you can do this yourself as well to minimize the cost of hiring an SEO firm.

5. Updates with the Latest SEO news

Search engines’ algorithms are forever changing and evolving. Thus, it really pays to be attentive to the latest updates of changes and improvements on SEO strategies.  Thus, to further save money, reading tips online or consulting your SEO firm about what you can do yourself to save on the costs would help.

Keeping in line with these simple do-it-yourself techniques really works and any site can accomplish any of these tips in as little as a week.  If you are looking for a full service SEO company to assist with optimal search engine positioning, call Brian Hong @ 504-717-4837.  Free face to face consultations!

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