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Spending on Internet Advertising is Predicted to Reach $40 billion in 2012

Online shopping has continued to increase at an almost alarming rate, with as many as 85% 1 of the 2.32 billion internet users having bought something online in the past six months. This means that nearly 200 million people will potentially go online to buy something in the coming year. Marketing your business and products on the internet is the only way to make sure that you get your share of those sales.

Financial projections see internet marketing passing the more traditional advertising mediums like television and print media as the preferred method of promoting your business3. With $33 billion being spent annually on the more traditional advertising channels, internet marketing is streaking ahead as the place to spend your advertising budget. This is because the potential audience dwarfs even television audiences in size and even in the actual geographic range that the advertising has.

Other factors that are influencing this shift are the high cost of television and print advertising as compared to internet ads, which are also more flexible and can be regularly updated and tweaked with much less effort and for almost no extra cost in contrast to the traditional forms of advertising. All of these things combine to make internet advertising the smart choice for businesses in the modern marketplace.



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