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New Technology in Search Engine Optimization Baton Rouge

As if search engine marketing is not automated enough, several attempts have been made to better the experience for internet marketers without spending more on pay per click advertisements, article writing, backlinking, and any other SEO strategy. There are has been bots released in the market that promise to help you outrank the competition. But if closely examined, the core of even the newest search engine optimization Baton Rouge is still the same on and off page techniques.

Are new SEO bots effective?
Technology bloggers are talking about new SEO bots that can supposedly rip better keywords and create better and stronger backlinks for increased chances of higher page ranks. The problem with these bot software is that they tend to overdo the search engine optimization processes that could lead to search engine spiders tagging your site for black hat techniques.  And everyone knows that once your site has been flagged, you will lose the credibility that would normally encourage spiders to come and check your site out.

SEO bots are limited in what they can do because they can never mimic the creativity of the human mind when it comes to the creation of fresh content. Bots are most commonly used in building thousands of backlinks per minute. Building backlinks is a very tiring job for humans working on search engine optimization Baton Rouge so the possibility of automating the process using backlinks is warmly welcomed.

Backlinks serve as votes for getting the highest rank in the Search Engine Results page. However, there are limitations to this online voting system. The websites linked to should be relevant to your business, and if possible, have a high page rank to. If you automate the process of backlinking, you are encouraging the likelihood of getting linked to mediocre and non-relevant websites.

What are other new techniques in SEO?
New techniques in search engine optimization Baton Rouge come in the forms of social media optimization and mobile SEO. If you would notice, search engines are now considering the keywords indicated in social media sites like Facebook and Google +. As such, the creation of fan pages in these sites is a highly effective local search optimization strategy.

Further, mobile SEO is basically the use of the same search engine marketing strategies to match the smaller specs of mobile phones. This entails the use of lighter web design to allow for viewing in most android phones. Mobile SEO is most effective when used to promote local businesses, like when you’re doing search engine optimization Baton Rouge strategies, because it will be easy for you or your chosen firm to accumulate data on the target market.

When it comes to local search engine optimization Baton Rouge, no amount of software technology can beat the intelligence and efficiency of human-run SEO firms. After all, search engines place high regard on freshness of content – something that no software can do for you. So if you are aiming for increased visibility in the local SERPs, the combination of new technology in SEO plus effective implementation by human SEO specialists should be the right formula to follow.

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