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Three-Behaviors-of-Smartphone-Users-Your-Small-Business-Must-Embrace - Infintech Designs Dec 27, 2012

Three Behaviors of Smartphone Users Your Small Business Must Embrace

Over half of the American population owns Smartphones. These phones that can connect to the internet on the go are being used by more and more people looking for businesses and services much like what yours offers. So how are your marketing efforts stacking up to meet the new behaviors of this large group of people?

You have likely heard that one of the first things your small business must do to appeal to Smartphone users is to have a mobile website. While this is true, there are a number of ways to design your mobile website to meet the needs of your visitor. Therefore, as you start the process of designing your mobile website, you must first consider the behaviors of your target market. These behaviors will help you to better understand how your visitor uses your website while on their mobile device, making it easier to design something that is helpful and useful to them and boost your conversion rates.

Here are three of the top behaviors Smartphone users have that your small business must embrace in order to design a successful mobile website.

  1. Mobile users perform fast and brief activities on their Smartphones – According to a number of studies, mobile users reach for their Smartphones when they need just small bits of information instead of when they are ready to consume large amounts of data. These small bits of information can include getting a quick sports score, finding opening hours of a business, making a fast purchase to overcome a certain problem that popped up, or to share something of interest with their social networks. This fast behavior makes the way your small business designs a mobile website different. Content should be quick and easy to consume and should be made available in a way that will mean website visitors do not have to sort through loads of other information just to find the small tidbit they are looking for to get the job done quickly.
  1. Smartphone users, especially the Millennial generation, use their phones to search the internet daily – According to a study by ComScore, Facebook and Google remain the two top accessed web sites on Smartphones. People reach with Google to find information they are looking for, and Facebook to share this information with their network of friends. For small businesses, this can mean more opportunity. First, having high search engine rankings is important. Then, once your customer clicks on your website from Google on their Smartphone, they should be met with a mobile website that is easy to navigate and quick to read and understand. The Millennial generation in particular uses their phone to access the internet regularly, with some using their Smartphone as their primary device to access the internet. If this is your target market, having a strong mobile website to make navigation simple is essential to your overall success with this influential demographic.
  1. Mobile users are more disjointed in their usage than those on a computer – Today’s society is fast paced and mobile users pick up their phones while talking to friends, out and about and doing other tasks than just looking for your business website. Having a mobile website that can accommodate this behavior is important. With a mobile website, navigation becomes simpler and faster making it easier for your customers to find the information they are looking for quickly, no matter where they are, who they are with, or what they are doing.

The behaviors of mobile users are different than those of people looking online at a desktop computer. Contact us here at Infintech Designsfor more information on how we can help you create a mobile website that embraces these behaviors.

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